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What is this blog about? Why is it made? 

This blog is a space where I write anything that I want to share:

  • My artworks
  • My hobbies
  • Short tutorials
  • Sometimes a day in the life of... me
  • I kinda like playing with the HTML coding of this website, I should make it worth my time... and keep blogging

If you have liked a blog post that I've written please comment on your thoughts or add a few suggestions about what to post next.

Who is Eizu?

Are you curious about Eizu? Then let's get to know her

How to keep updated?

Wow! Keep up? Thank you for wanting to read more. You can bookmark my website eizu23.com by dragging it to your web browser's bookmark tabs or ctrl + D.

I also post updates on my Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and I tweet about it.

If you follow a lot of blogs and want me to be a part of that or you're just starting to read a few blogs kindly read this post 10 Best Free RSS Reader Apps. It will guide you on how to keep up and follow your favorite blogs, sites, and feeds for free.

I think my previous favorite was Inoreader.com. I also stopped blogging and stalking other people for 4 years, it grew out of my system and now I miss it dearly.

This page is still under construction.

Please visit again every now and then! Thank you!


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