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πŸ’› Watch my live streams

→ The best way to support me is by watching me. It helps me get discovered by supportive people like you. Thank you so much for the time! Always take care of yourself first~
→ Don't worry if you can't give monetary tips, I'm happy as long as my content made you smile in any way!
→ There are more free ways to support me, keep reading, and click my invite links. You'll also receive something back.


You can support me by becoming a

⚡Facebook Supporter

→ For only Php105 or $2
→ If you join even for one month (THANK YOU)
→ Become a supporter here http://facebook.com/becomesupporter/eizu23
→ Don't have a credit card or paypal? You can pay via Gcash! Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone, search Eizu, make sure it's me, then click Become a Supporter. Google play will pop-up, click add credit card payment> find Gcash option. Connect the account, verify, and click pay. You're now a supporter. πŸ‘‡Don't have Gcash?
→ Flex your shiny Supporter badge on any of my Facebook posts & live streams
→ Access to exclusive secret discord channels
→ I'll be sharing behind the scenes and some art brushes from time to time
→ This is available worldwide

πŸ’› Send bitcoins 

→ https://1upcoin.com/donate/eizu
→ This is available worldwide
→ Your name and message will be on my stream overlay πŸ’•

πŸ’› Via Coins.ph

→→ Via email:  hello.eizu@gmail.com
→ Available only in the Philippines
→ It should look like this. πŸ‘‡Don't an account?

→→ Via BTC Wallet Address
→ This is available worldwide

→ Or copy this wallet address:  35Sx5ENUanHrQmkGrVf9YZsVrnj4jyck97
→ Important: Be sure to send only BTC aka Bitcoin cryptocurrency to this address. If you send BCH, USDT, or any other digital currency, your funds will be permanently lost.

πŸ’› Don't have Coins.ph account? 

→ Sign up and receive Php50 free* Get it here https://coins.ph/m/join/be80on Type the code be80on
→ This is only available in the Philippines
→ Coins PH is the easiest way to pay & get paid especially if you're a freelancer, an artist, have a business, or to make your friend return the money you lent. Haha! It has Php & Bitcoin wallet. You can also save up money, buy load, or buy ANY game credits like Steam or League of Legends 1:1! I've been using this since 2016, legit app!
→ After signing up, you can send me Bitcoins or Php if you're still generous. Thank youπŸ₯° My email on coins.ph is hello.eizu@gmail.com

πŸ’› Claim your free Php50 GCASH*

→ Don't have Gcash? Sign up and get one here https://gcsh.app/r/atIkMBO
→ This is only available in the Philippines
→ I've been using Gcash for since 2015, reliable, and easy to use.
→ My Gcash number is private, you can connect Gcash to Coins.ph if you want to send me some gifts~

Disclaimer: Some invitation links are referrals. You and I will receive Php 50 after you verify all the requirements. It's like donating money to me for free~ which is awesome by the way! ^0^

πŸ’› Send Dollars

→ You can get this for free or support me for any amount of dollars. Thank you for your patronage πŸ’–
→ You can give a tip in any amount via credit card or Paypal

More Info Coming Soon πŸ’–


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