Eizunatics Got Talent Status

Current Cash Received

₱ 13,739.93*

Last Updated 08.31.20 11:57PM

  • ₱ 3,434.98 FIRST PLACE
  • ₱ 2,060.99 SECOND PLACE
  • ₱ 1,373.99 THIRD PLACE
  • ₱ 6,869.97 PRODUCTION BUDGET
  • This updates daily


Cash Received
  1. 👑 Team Solid E-Sports
  2. 🟡 xJabee
  3. 🟣 Lupin X
  4. 👑 Anonymous
  5. 👑 Brojack
  6. 🟣 Anonymous i
  7. 🔵 Papa Jan's
  8. 🟣 K
  9. 🟣 Pinoy Link with Tito mo Dann and Friends!
  10.  Nheo Cruwuz
  11. 👑 Team Panic Time!
  12. 🟣 Kristian Grey
  13. ⚪ Angelo Encinas

Waiting for Cash transfer ₱ 500.00
  1. 🔵 Anonymous A

    Other forms of Sponsorship
    Example: Artworks, Game Skins, Items, Equipment, etc

    Are you interested to join or sponsor our event? Check it out here egt.eizu23.com

    We will prioritize the highest tier and the early sponsors. Every sponsorship big or small is highly appreciated! Please continue your support by sharing our event until the last day!

    *The Current Cash Available is based on after the transfer fees, the real amount that I received. For sponsorship, especially Paypal transfer please shoulder the fees. Thank you~

    🟤Bronze / 🟡Gold / Platinum / 🔵Diamond / 🟣Grand Master / 👑Challenger


    Audition Date is posted on the website! Time to practice!!!

    If your name is not here it means we did not receive your submission or you were disqualified. Kindly give me 24 hours to update your name in this page. Message us on Facebook Messenger or on Discord for questions, suggestions, or other concerns.


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