About Me

Hello there, glad you're here! I'm Diana B. Santos aka Eizu pleasure to meet you.

I am a Philippines based artist who focuses on documenting life with paints and also live streaming games. I live here in Subic far away from the busy creative Manila. I find it more enjoyable here with my family. I'm an artist and a freelancer. Working from home is challenging but I'll do my best to keep up!

I have been a fan of other people's works and when I tried drawing it made me realize that I could also create a world of my own with whatever colors I choose. It gave me a sense of happiness, and at one point hoping to do this forever.

My goal is to uplift, inspire, and put a smile on someone with my work.

During University days, I had a summer job as a swimming instructor. We had difficult training months during the school term just before summer. Teaching and seeing my students accomplish the tasks made me happy! And just before senior year, I signed up for two OJT's as an art teacher. Originally, I was looking for a successful female mentor as her assistant but sadly I came up with a short list, most of them unavailable and there was not much time left. But, my OJT helped me realized that I actually love teaching. Later on, my professor from that OJT would like me to continue working with them twice a week during school terms so I had extra income, a favorable part-time job.

Fashion Graduation at Fashion Institute of the Philippines, I studied fashion design for 2 years while I was taking up Bachelor of Fine arts at FEU

From FEU Alumni Feb 2019 Group Exhibit

I participated in various art competitions during high school. Even though I didn't win a lot, I still feel happy because I can do something others can't. And then when I went to college, I tried again. Gained some finalist awards and got money prizes every now and then. The great thing about being an art student is that it's achievable to exhibit because the group of friends can help the connection. We had group exhibits, sometimes I sell one painting and most of the time none. I just wished I knew the business part of being an artist early on. But I didn't quite understand how an entrepreneurial mind thinks. I graduated as a Cum Laude Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting from Far Eastern University. YouTube has been helpful after graduation.

In my blog, I aim to give you an insight into my daily work life. Soon I'll include some tips if you’d like to try painting yourself, and how to stay inspired.
I designed my logo and color palette.

My site is called eizu23.com because my nickname is Eizu and my birthday is December 23, but you can call me Ate Eizu or Ate Dee-yana (Diana) or even without ate 😂 I was instinctively attracted to making my own basic brand during high school. I want a cool DeviantArt username. So I wrote down on my journal about names that made me feel a connection for about a year. It has first letters, scribbles, lists, and procrastination. Finally, I came up with Eizu. When it's all caps I can scribble it on my scientific calculator E I Z U as maybe upside down? 3 1 Except the Z U 😂 I forgot. Eizu doesn't have any meaning, unlike the usual Japanese story that every name should have a purpose that describes your strengths. Eizu for me just makes me smile. When you say "ei" some of your lips pop up to a small smile. Also in that journal, I always wrote what I want for my self. It's still a work in progress!

I love HTML and CSS when I was in my 1st-year high school or maybe when I was in elementary because I still remember how I memorized the keyboard at Grade 4. I made a photoshop design, coded it, and uploaded it to some free hosting and domain name sites. Repeat. Although I wasn't able to document it, a lot of pink floppy disks have been missed during my phase of coding.

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Video clip from my first ever Meet and Greet December 2019. So glad to see some of you in the flesh!

I am trying my best to vlog and made you laugh. Hopefully, I'll be consistent in doing video kinds of stuff on YouTube!

I live stream games often on Facebook.com/eizu23

Artist Statement

I really like painting portraits and making some stories out of it. Sometimes it started out as meaningless and then I try to find reasons.

I crave aestheticism ever since watching movies as a kid. Everything plays a symphony to my eyes. The most captivating theme to me is about fantasy and feminine related concepts. I've lived my life dreaming of many possibilities yet these only exist in another world. Oh! And the reason I started drawing is by watching anime, the storytelling made me imagine a lot.

Everyday I think of an imaginary dream to paint with vibrancy using acrylic or the free flow of colors using watercolor. I keep doing it because the opportunities are endless, fun, and I can add my pieces with a touch of my personality! I see beauty in the simplest things.

Thanks for reading!

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