Sketchy Monday

Sketchy Monday is kinda back!

I'm trying to get back into posting some work in process and keeping up with my sketching routine.

I also want to continue my series, but still undecided on the collection name.

Neon from Valorant fanart~ I might do a digital version of this

Nose sketches~ 

Random things~

Bought a sketchbook at SM Department Store. I need to complete this and keep the habit of sketching everyday.

It's nice to be back here, even though it's just a quick blog. It took a while from editing photos to writing, the good thing is that it feels nice to see this published.

See you next week!

Hi, I am Diana B. Santos also known as Eizu! Nice to meet you. This blog is my internet space where I can talk about my life and the moments I love!

I ♥ Painting Digitally and Traditionally, loves Singing, had a concert in my bathroom. And I also stream on Facebook Live often talking to viewers, playing, and making art.


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