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It’s finally here! An Eizunatics event featuring your talents! 

Do you love League of Legends? Do you or a friend have any talents to showcase? Join our audition on https://ets.eizu23.com today and win cash prizes!

You can also win Php4,500+ worth of freebies here. Participate right now to not miss on high chances of looting and grabbing “winnable” prizes! There will be 11 winners. It will be announced on Eizunatics Facebook Group, please make sure that you’re already a member today.

The prizes are

  • 1 winner of P550 cash for the participants with the highest number of referrals (at least 20)

  • P555 worth of skin (3,000RP)
  • P250 worth of skin (1350RP)
  • P250 worth of skin (1350RP)
  • 3 winners of Nightbringer Vladimir skins worth P750 
  • 3 winners of Papercraft Anivia skins worth P750
  • Black and white sketch by Eizu worth P1,500
  • Discounts to Eizu's art commissions and graphic design services!
  • Scroll down to join

Our sponsors

Big thanks to our amazing sponsors and also to #GarenaLeaguePartner! Are you interested to join or sponsor our event? Check it out here egt.eizu23.com

πŸ‘‘ Team Solid E-Sports  πŸ‘‘ Anonymous  πŸ‘‘ Brojack πŸ‘‘ Team Panic Time!
🟣 Lupin X  πŸŸ£ Anonymous i πŸŸ£ K πŸŸ£ Pinoy Link with Tito mo Dann and Friends!
πŸ”΅ Papa Jan's   Nheo Cruwuz πŸŸ‘ xJabee
🟀Bronze / πŸŸ‘Gold / Platinum / πŸ”΅Diamond / πŸŸ£Grand Master / πŸ‘‘Challenger

High chances of winning

By sharing your referral link to Facebook and Twitter!

πŸ’› If you referred 1 person = I'll give you 15% discount to my art commissions and graphic design services
πŸ’› 3 referrals = ✅ Your first or full name will be written on my website here https://www.eizu23.com/p/eizunatics-got-talent as thanks for your kind contribution! You're part of an Eizunatics history!
πŸ’› 5 referrals = I'll give you 30% off my art commissions and graphic design services
πŸ’› 10 referrals = ✅ A free mini black and white sketch by Eizu. Handmade with love! Digital or Traditional version.
πŸ’› 20 referrals = Get the chance to win Php550 pesos if you got the highest number of referrals (At least 20 referrals. e.g. You're qualified if you got 30 referrals, but if someone else referred 33 then that person will win! You're not qualified if you only referred 19 people. Don't worry you still have other prizes that you'll surely receive! ✅ )
Got any questions? Ask it below the comment section.

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