Podcast about my diary and live streaming

New Mini Diary Podcast Episode:

  • Update on Life. 
  • Facebook Live Streaming thoughts + experiences. 
  • My Conquerors Manila League of Legends + ESGS encounters. 
  • Meeting a LOT of streamers and joining an after-party.

Hello loves! Here are the show notes. I want to make my supporters feel special by having early access to my podcast and then sharing this to public at a later time, but time flies so fast! I will practice more and enjoy the art of talking.

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This diary podcast has long been overdue, I kept saying that I wanna start now than waiting for the planned + perfect moment.

"Better done than perfect" Quote that I always keep in mind, but still can't help not doing it.

Now it's here, a bit of a long hiatus after the first 2 episodes. I'll try to be consistent and share the beautiful struggles of being a streamer slash creative girl.

What is a podcast?

What I have a podcast? Yes. It's quite scary but I really want to improve my content creation skills and my confidence in talking. You can also listen to Spotify here:

A podcast is talk radio. You can listen to it at any time.

For beginner podcast listeners, there are various apps you can use on your devices such as Podcast Addict (my fav), Spotify, and Stitcher. Once you find an app search for "Eizu" and please follow/subscribe to my podcast channel to stay updated. It has special features where you can enhance the audio volume, speed-up, and download the podcast so that you can listen as you go to work or school.

Episode 3

Update on Life. Facebook Live Streaming thoughts + experiences. My Conquerors Manila League of Legends + ESGS encounters. Meeting a LOT of streamers and joining an after-party.

πŸ”₯ Time Stamps

7:20 September Cosmania Recap

7:55 Met a lot of streamers at Conquerors Manila

9:40 Si Empoy, the center of attention, haha

10:40 Went to ESGS, finally met the Gang Gang GTA V Role Players / Streamers

11:11 Went to an after-party with the Gang Gang (Hahaha I didn't mention but I sang 2 songs, we went to a karaoke venue outside Mall of Asia)

12:30 Why I didn't stream for 15 days :(

13:00 New streaming "work" space, aka my bedroom. About my collections, organizing things, etc.

14:49 I'm busy with the work launch of my business. Did branding, research, and finding clients

15:09 I tried weekly vlogs but haven't exported a single content YET ;w;

15:40 Video editor guide <3 br="">17:15 LOL I said April 2009, it should be April 2019, thanks to the editors Dobid and Arceus

18:00 My favorite quotes this November 2019: "Never too late to start" + "Don't wait till you're ready"

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Podcast Description

Hello, you found me!

I suddenly want to have my own mini diary podcast because I think too much and I need an outlet to share small thoughts!

I'm Diana B. Santos aka eizu. I'm a 20 something Filipina living in Subic, Philippines! I'm a freelance artist and I love creative hustles. I also stream games like League of Legends (my fav), GTA V, Outlast, and much more! I also stream my digital or traditional artwork painting process on Facebook and sometimes on Twitch.

Being able to make at least one person smile from my work makes me realize that I should keep going!

I graduated from the Far Eastern University-Manila Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting Cum Laude. I'm also a graduate of Fashion Institute of the Philippines Manila we had an amazing Runway show too~

Also, I am so grateful that you found my podcast channel! Just sayin' that I'm thankful you made it this far~ UwU

Hi, I am Diana B. Santos also known as Eizu! Nice to meet you. This blog is my internet space where I can talk about my life and the moments I love!

I ♥ Painting Digitally and Traditionally, loves Singing, had a concert in my bathroom. And I also stream on Facebook Live often talking to viewers, playing, and painting.


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