Sketchy Monday!

Here's a Monday after a week of holidays..... 😌

These are old sketches, more to come every Monday. ^__^
Maybe next week I'll share my most recent sketches

Here's a cat lady in nude~ Random character from my random thoughts

I don't usually use a reference, but I should!

Tried a new concept (ummm.... inspired my many contemporary/pop surreal artist)

When I tried a Wonder Woman portrait, and it ended differently :D

When batman was having a hard time with superman....:

When I was watching kdrama Descendants of the Sun (...I never finished that tho)

Random guy. I tried to make him look more western ikemen >.>


↪Probably would be useful in the future ⤴

Random sketch with sensored notes :D

Thanks for visiting!!! Tell me if you want me to sketch something based on your thoughts.

PS: 😅 Holidays are the perfect excuse for procrastination. LOL.

Till next Monday for random sketches!


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