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Eizu's Portfolio and Resume

The story behind my first ever fashion show

I finally uploaded it. More vids to come ^_^

Sketchy Monday ¦ 4

Hello!!! Here's another episode of Sketchy Monday!

My yakuza OC. I'm still thinking of a name for him.... 

I've added some sailormoon paper dolls. HAHAHAHA. 

No comment 😉😉

Poppy from League of Legends 😍 Created a CG out of this sketch

Sketch based reference from pinterest
Thanks for viewing!!! Till next Monday! :D

Sketchy Monday ¦ 3

Hello! Here's another batch of my sketches.

I know... Monday is almost over. Ha ha ha :D

I was sketching this guy with nothing on my mind. And I liked the result. Ahhh. So IKEMEN :D 
Fanart of  @cutiepie Marzia's OCs. It was too cute, I had to draw it :D

I'll be selling this sketch titled "I'm Happy" on my online store. Coming Soon! 💖

Hmmm, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Another sketch inspired from kdrama She Was Pretty 

Thanks for viewing!!! I'll upload next Monday again!!! :D

Sketchy Monday!

Here's a Monday after a week of holidays..... 😌

These are old sketches, more to come every Monday. ^__^
Maybe next week I'll share my most recent sketches

Here's a cat lady in nude~ Random character from my random thoughts

I don't usually use a reference, but I should!

Tried a new concept (ummm.... inspired my many contemporary/pop surreal artist)

When I tried a Wonder Woman portrait, and it ended differently :D

When batman was having a hard time with superman....:

When I was watching kdrama Descendants of the Sun (...I never finished that tho)

Random guy. I tried to make him look more western ikemen >.>


↪Probably would be useful in the future ⤴

Random sketch with sensored notes :D

Thanks for visiting!!! Tell me if you want me to sketch something based on your thoughts.

PS: 😅 Holidays are the perfect excuse for procrastination. LOL.

Till next Monday for random sketches!

Otaku Expo 2017 - My first convention

Otaku Expo 2017 - My first con!!!

I just wanna say THANK YOU to all the people who bought my artworks, commissioned me on the spot, and came by to appreciate my art. It's kinda overwhelming for my 1st con but everything went well. I didn't even expect that I would earn that much, because I mostly have original artworks. So thank you!!!

Also thank you for posting your purchases via social media and for following my account!!! Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Doing keychains and button pins was so tiring but also fun. It was my first time doing these cute little things. I learned a lot.

Kids and anime lovers bought my Yuri on Ice fanarts. The kids are especially cute. One customer's mom was so considerate and nods to her daughter that she can buy my item. 💛
 Stickers! Should have printed a lot! Btw, I'll be using some vinyls on my next con!

The young adults liked my original artworks, and didn't even knew that those were my original characters. I should put some label to make it special.

 ↪I was able to sell these original watercolor paintings of Yuri and Viktor! 💖

I also saw fellow Guhit Pinas members who were so hyper and took my free cards and laughed later after realizing it's a business card. Hahaha. 💛💛💛

 There were also questions like do I have free workshops or some watercolor workshops. I am planning to organize one, but I'm not too sure how to find students. (I hope I would!)
 My first con commission. Thanks!!! (More pics in my facebook account: )
My artist ID!!!

Got the following amazing gifts from the indie artists table at the closing time of the last day of Otaku Expo. (UNEXPECTEDLY!!!)

I plan to add more fanarts by next month.  Till then.

Upcoming events.... See you here!!!

Click the image for details: 

Me with bestie Vhazz Rhossze and Shaina 💛 It was a joyful (haggard) time!!! 💛 Till next con!!!