Sketchy Monday: I love sketching!

Keeping a sketchbook with you at all times has great advantages to any artist. The fun behind the creation of a beautiful work especially based from your little sketchbook is very worthwhile.

I love to bring mine everyday because it's a place to document flying wild ideas. Sometimes, when I don't have anything in mind I just start with some strokes and somehow it formed a figurative art! Also, you might find an escape route from an art block through a quick series of sketch exercises too. By the end of the day it recycle ideas.

Here are some of my sketches.

Diana B. Santos Sketch 2014 A fantasy innocent girl with horn

↘ She has a horn! And she looks... ♥ The final painting can be found here "Quintessence"
Diana B. Santos Sketch 2014 A fantasy innocent girl with horn

↘ Psssst the 2 paintings behind are already finished! Will post soon! ♥

↘ No, she's not smoking! She has some sort of poison gas leaking out from her mouth and her eyes just seem to be normally crazy. (・∀・)

↘ This guy was sketched for 5 minutes while waiting for my friends. Hahaha. I love ✧(◑∀◑) drawing cute guys, I used a reference. He's from

Somehow it's very fulfilling. When I sketch and paint artworks, my emotion and the expression of my face changes. When I draw smiling faces it reflects back to me and I love the way it feels!

I love the fun in sketching, what about your story? I'd love to hear them too!

Thanks for reading! Ciao~

Diana B. Santos

I hope you liked my post!



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