Quintessence. A Fantasy Base Watercolor Painting.

Quintessence by diana b. santos

Watercolor on 12" x 18" paper (200gsm)
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I didn't sketch with a pencil, this was purely experimental directly using watercolor~ Just feel the flow, lol. I'm glad it did go well. Being a perfectionist really has some restrictions on me. Every now and then, I want something different. Something that relates to having higher percent of mistakes or giving in to surprises, so I said to myself "What the heck, just do it".

I love how the hair came out. It looks so... <3

I don't know but, I really love horns. LMAO. At first it looked like an ivory kind of horn, but then I decided to color it in a darker way. Next time I'll paint white horns. Not all those with horns are bad you know ~

There are more watercolor paintings behind!!! :D More wips! 

I really really love this watercolor sketch. This was also done without pencil and reference.
The sketch above was my personal experiment. I really wanted to try sketching using watercolors, ala carte. Believe me, this cute small sketchbook is really useful! It's a keeper! I bought mine at National Bookstore for only Php50+. This is ordinary sketch paper so when you use too much water the paper will wrinkle. It seems to be so rare though, always out of stock. There are also branded (high quality) ones like this but twice the price.

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Diana B. Santos



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