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Sketchy Monday: I love sketching!

Keeping a sketchbook with you at all times has great advantages to any artist. The fun behind the creation of a beautiful work especially based from your little sketchbook is very worthwhile.

I love to bring mine everyday because it's a place to document flying wild ideas. Sometimes, when I don't have anything in mind I just start with some strokes and somehow it formed a figurative art! Also, you might find an escape route from an art block through a quick series of sketch exercises too. By the end of the day it recycle ideas.

Here are some of my sketches.

Diana B. Santos Sketch 2014 A fantasy innocent girl with horn

↘ She has a horn! And she looks... ♥ The final painting can be found here "Quintessence"
Diana B. Santos Sketch 2014 A fantasy innocent girl with horn

↘ Psssst the 2 paintings behind are already finished! Will post soon! ♥

↘ No, she's not smoking! She has some sort of poison gas leaking out from her mouth and her eyes just seem to be normally crazy. (・∀・)

↘ This guy was sketched for 5 minutes while waiting for my friends. Hahaha. I love ✧(◑∀◑) drawing cute guys, I used a reference. He's from

Somehow it's very fulfilling. When I sketch and paint artworks, my emotion and the expression of my face changes. When I draw smiling faces it reflects back to me and I love the way it feels!

I love the fun in sketching, what about your story? I'd love to hear them too!

Thanks for reading! Ciao~

Diana B. Santos

I hope you liked my post!


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Gedichte Group Exhibit at Sining Kamalig

Gedichte is a German word for poem. I hope this catches your interest! We also mark as the first group to exhibit at the re-opening of the Sining Kamalig Art Gallery's new venue at 2nd Level Ali Mall, Araneta Center.

The exhibit was coordinated by Ms. Rica Cortes Rentzing and curated by Sir Jes Evangelista.

The participating artists will be present at the Gallery during weekends!

Here's my schedule:

August 2, 2014 Saturday - 10am-5pm
August 3, 2014 Sunday - 10am-3pm
August 17, 2014 Sunday - 10am-6pm

We would love to have a nice chit chat with you there and talk about our works. When you drop by, you'll see his many ventures. When I researched Rizal's stay in Germany, I discovered many new things and I think you will too!

↘ Our exhibit is featured here!

↘ I had fun painting J.R.

Mindful Escapade. A Jose Rizal Painting. by eizu on DeviantArt

Title: "Mindful Escapade"

36 in x 48 inches (91.44cm x 121.92cm)
Acrylic on Canvas

For SALE at the gallery Sining Kamalig

Mindful EscapadeRizal's stay in Germany was truly arduous and challenging, still he accomplished his goals. Becoming an artist in between his mission truly was astonishing.

His portrait here is my way to show his eagerness and confidence on oneself as he did many impeccable accomplishments and tasks during his stay at various cities in Germany. Tear drops of colors on his cheek symbolizes his love for his mother country as these are the colors of our Philippine flag.

At the background, the shades of colors were from the flag of Germany to symbolize his long stay at the country. At the topmost left was one of his comics and the title is 'The baptism of two brothers'. Rizal might have drew this to amuse young Fritz Ullmer during his stay at Wilhemsfeld.

I'm just drawn to such facts that he's considered as the first documented komikero artist ever recorded, he documented and illustrated Matsing at Pagong, he liked to walk long distances in Germany, he finished writing Noli Me Tangere there, and much more!

At the right side are Cadena de Amor flowers that inspired him to compose his poem "To the Flowers of Heidelberg"

I also love the fact that he spent some of his time in Juan Luna's studio and that they are close friends.

Spontaneous. A Jose Rizal Painting in Germany. by eizu on DeviantArt

Title: "Spontaneous"
24 x 30 inches (60.96cm x 76.20cm)
Acrylic on canvas

SpontaneousRizal's aura shines here. It reflects his colorful life in Germany. A reminder that courage, confidence, and persistence are the weapons against pain wherever we are!

I didn't use any references and just concentrated on the similarity of Jose Rizal's eyes. I love the way how this turned out!

Note: The actual painting is not as shiny as this. :D

Doing the Impossible. A Jose Rizal Painting. by eizu on DeviantArt

Title: "Doing the Impossible"

20 x 30 inches (50.8cm x 76.2cm)
Acrylic on canvas
Price: Php 9,000 or ₱9,634

Doing the Impossible

He was physically present in Germany, but his works were for the Filipinos.

We see Rizal as a very talented and wise person. And we should be reminded that what he did was truly impossible. It was hard, but he did it impeccably!

We should follow his example that no matter how hard a task can be, it can be possible as long as we beat the fear of losing, to work hard and to do it well.

Here are the pictures during the opening show.

Thanks for reading! Ciao~


Diana B. Santos

Here's some more unrelated info: This Jose Rizal Facts article is also interesting. (He was even a suspect about being Jack the Ripper)

✉ ✉ ✉

I hope you like my post!


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Quintessence. A Fantasy Base Watercolor Painting.

Quintessence by diana b. santos

Watercolor on 12" x 18" paper (200gsm)
For questions, inquiries, comments email me:

I didn't sketch with a pencil, this was purely experimental directly using watercolor~ Just feel the flow, lol. I'm glad it did go well. Being a perfectionist really has some restrictions on me. Every now and then, I want something different. Something that relates to having higher percent of mistakes or giving in to surprises, so I said to myself "What the heck, just do it".

I love how the hair came out. It looks so... <3

I don't know but, I really love horns. LMAO. At first it looked like an ivory kind of horn, but then I decided to color it in a darker way. Next time I'll paint white horns. Not all those with horns are bad you know ~

There are more watercolor paintings behind!!! :D More wips! 

I really really love this watercolor sketch. This was also done without pencil and reference.
The sketch above was my personal experiment. I really wanted to try sketching using watercolors, ala carte. Believe me, this cute small sketchbook is really useful! It's a keeper! I bought mine at National Bookstore for only Php50+. This is ordinary sketch paper so when you use too much water the paper will wrinkle. It seems to be so rare though, always out of stock. There are also branded (high quality) ones like this but twice the price.

Please visit again soon!!! Thanks <3

Diana B. Santos


Feel free to comment and be reminded that I reply back. Thank You and have a nice day!

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