Protected Under The Sun, An Installation Art Gone Performance Art

Our project was supposed to be an installation art, but due to some unexpected university rules we cannot exhibit our project which was to hang our work at the pavilion of our campus. So our installation art kind of became a performance art where my group mate is holding the umbrella full of pins!!! The experience was priceless though, and was quite fun!

This was our description for our installation art and was also layout by me. It was printed in A3 format so that when we roam around in campus they can understand the meaning behind our project. Full information and readable texts below.

About our concept

These were our inspirations that led us into creating our installation art. At first we were targeting a budget safe project so we tried thinking about some objects within our house, and we made it a point that we’ll use a broken umbrella rather than just throwing it out on the trash bin. When we thought about umbrella the first thing that came to mind was women using it to protect from the sun’s harsh rays that was why the title became “Protected By The Sun.” And then we tried to flick in some issues and the idea of freedom of speech came out, thus the title has its own double meanings.

“Protected Under The Sun”
By Diana B. Santos, Mamaril, Magbitang, Tecuico


Broken Umbrella, Pins, Nylon Ropes, Newspaper cut-outs, Memo Pads, Tapes


The theme of our installation is about freedom of speech under the umbrella. It may sound different but the title is bound to be a double meaning topic. Protected by the sun is yet another myth by most of us, and in our art you are not protected. There are pins that can leave you scars, words that can kill you, truths that we have yet to believe, and many more under that umbrella.

The issues that we want to impart is about how people’s thoughts varies, how we are blinded by the lies, how “protected” we are in the society, and the ideas are countless.

The materials we used are quite simple they can be seen inside our house. The umbrella symbolizes protection from the sun and rain and also from the truth; the newspapers mainly shout our current issues and the journalists’ freedom of speech; memo pad for interaction with the viewers; and the pins are indication of leaving scars both internally and externally to us. We used our materials like this because it’s more meaningful and leaves attraction to our minds. Even though our concept is a mixture of protection, danger, and freedom of speech it somehow still recognizes harmony in our society, without control from the government and from the powerful social classes it would look more like chaos, and without it is a description of impossibility.

Our umbrella is full of pins which is quite edgy and harmful when you’re supposed to be protected, but that’s the case. Since most of us don’t have the freedom of speech we have to go through the needle literally. No pain, no gain. You need to sacrifice to be able to achieve something worth bigger. And participating in our installation art would only do a smaller damage that anyone can participate into, and hopefully this little experience can be a great teacher to an individual. Due to this, we believed we achieved our commentary on the issue we want to impart about freedom of speech.

When we were actually doing the installation art, we discovered that our first plan of material usage didn’t quite went well so we researched our way through and solved some glitches. The process was kind of hard because of the materials, but all was worth it.

We want our audience to receive our installation art as something worthy of importance because each of us has a voice and sometimes you just need to see it to hear and listen to it. We also want them to interact with our installation art and have this in mind, “Would you dare to get hurt just to say your thoughts?

The real deal, walking around with art

This was our finals exam slash project, and it requires comments from the audience so we need to find them to complete our task. We roamed around school and successfully caught their attention!

Our installation art turned performance art! Our work is the one with the umbrella!!!
I was quite shy doing all the speech, but I have to boost myself up. I approached people who were obviously not busy and kindly ask for a little chit chat and my group mates followed thereafter. I informed them about our installation art and what they needed to do. Our installation art was an interactive one and they are required to participate.

This is me talking to the audience! :D
They can write anything on the memo pad, be it about our university, our government, or personal things. We provided memo pads for them to write onto and we also prepared a sturdy board for them to write with ease.
Our first batch of audience was a success! All of them were really engaged with our project. But to our second batch, they were really just an average interest to our work. Nevertheless, it went really well.

“Would you dare to get hurt just to say your thoughts?”


Click picture for higher resolution

These were the written speeches that were hanged onto our umbrella. Quite good messages actually. I'm not sure but some of the memo pads were blown away by the super duper luper wind, too bad but oh well~!

Focus Group Discussion

It was really fun and a great discussion with the participants, our questions were:

  1. Did you understand our installation art?
  2. Do you appreciate installation art?
  3. Were you impressed or upset when you saw our installation art?
  4. How do you feel after interacting with our installation art?
  5. Did we achieved our “freedom of speech” concept?
  6. Did it caught your attention?
  7. Do you have any suggestions or comments about our work?
Most of the answers were positive! And I am proud of our group work because it went well. Also most of them suggested that we should use a bigger and COLORFUL (what?!) umbrella. Anyways, it was really fun getting to know new people and learning their insights!

All in all, it was yet another memorable activity of art and work for our course subject Art Theory II under our most amazing Professor Rosario. I can't help but appreciate all of these activities I never would have imagined written in our curriculum. It was priceless! All the fun, laughter, and workmanship are just some of the numerous evidences of learning this wonderful subject. I'm not overreacting as this would be our last activity. I'm just being overjoyed but sad because it might be the last!

Thanks for reading!


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