My conceptualisation about gender

LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex)/ Feminist Theory Related

Usually people can be judgmental, you might have not notice it but a human's mind has infinite words of perception. There are countless issues about LGBTI and feminism ever since, well... a long time ago. Even if we want to shout an equality statement to the world, it might never come true. All we can do is to respect people who they are. Yes. Respect. It is a small word that means something big.

Our activity project for our course subject in Art Theory II was to photograph a member(s) of our group portraying a subject about LGBTI and Feminism during our remaining time in class which is about 20 minutes. It should be printed in a thick paper and ought to look like a real postcard.

The conceptualizing process is always hard for me because I want my idea to speak out loud, and that's personally hard. At first we already thought of a good concept for the LGBTI subject which is gay marriage, but it was actually arduous to compel the boys in our group to do it. Here stands tall of men's ego. I know that it can be hard for straight guys to hold hands in "class" for a photo shoot, but since it was a simple school activity I thought it might be done. Time was running out and here we are sitting ducks, though it's fine because all of the other groups seem to be having a hard time on their own, and have no other else to do except... do nothing. The aura of that is very obvious in the class. Somehow, it was funny and awkward. In the meantime, I was still thinking about a concept for feminism and the only idea I came up with is girls who arm wrestle, also there were fewer ideas from my group mates about it compare to LGBTI. Since the deadline for the post card was next week, we just decided to think of a nice concept later then do the photo shoot the next day.

The day after yesterday came and the concept was still the same. But for a few extra minutes our concept for the LGBTI was final, two men holding hands and then a spark of idea from Denden, our group mate, said that the background should be "Keep of the grass." Perfect! I really love this concept. We had the photo shoot done without problems because we are the only people left in the class room, which means that there's no reason to be shy about.~
Keep of the grass -- It sounds something else right? We know the rules yet we still break them.

On the other hand, in feminism I just found an idea from my surrounding. I saw a ply board painted in brown. Rally. It rang a bell. A female leader running a rally. We thought it just fit in. So we did it, I intentionally didn't think I would be the one to portray it. So it was kinda awkward to pose at the camera holding a ply board... and that I should look like some bad ass woman. Nevertheless, it went well. Furthermore, I did all the editing and layout in Photoshop and I actually spent some time doing it. It was fun! The added quotes on the back was my idea, because it highlights the issue more and it spells "importance of gender" quite well. I researched some post card designs, their required paper sizes, and some information on how to mail it. I also discovered that there were various styles, but I decided to keep our postcard simple.
She's faceless because the society, especially from before, see women as of no importance in the economy. In spite of being faceless, she still strives to shout her thoughts by numbers and by gaining attention.

Activity question: How is it being in control or being the viewer?

I'm one of the members who initialize a move for our group. And being in control is actually fun for me. I like to delegate tasks ever since I was in high school. I remember so well having a concept of doing a story with a script, I was so happy writing a very funny one that made the class laugh! We also get to have a talk show activity, and I always like being the host because I declare all the rules.

Personally, being in control gives you a sense of accomplishment. Truthfully, I always work best when I'm alone, but when it comes to group activity I try my best to get the best results for me and my group. I've come to realize after some quite time that teamwork is an exciting activity to be engaged at. You always get idea you never knew existed!

All in all, our activity for our Art Theory class was fun and quite wholesome. It would be fun to print out these post cards again and actually send them to random persons or a surprise for our friends and relatives.

Thanks for reading!

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