Idealism Advertisement: Magical Body Perfectionism

This invented product ad about ideology was made for my Art Theory class.

In today's generation people's perception in beauty have changed. It is defined by slim curvy forms and with a beautiful face. 
Slim is in.
There are countless advantages when you're slim such as being able to dress up on trending fashions, being seen as beautiful, becoming "in" in the society, being praised and more!

In my poster, it has an obvious concept about magical lies. You cannot erase fat in a minute which is the same as you can't be fat in a minute, unless you're not human. There's no magic to this dreamy body. This is also an example of false advertising but in a more literal way. People are blinded by these kinds of products such as teas, anti-aging creams, and such. Some of these people even thought these products would actually work in like... 7 days. The great strategy about these products is that they make life look easier. But reality always happen when we wake up. All in all, people can reach this nice body when they do the magic themselves.

I created my ad using Photoshop and kept minimalism interacted. And I also used these stocks: FREE STOCK Bottle Of Magic by mmp-stock and Stock Request 9 by artforever123. Stocks can be objects, persons, backgrounds, and the like. They are free to use but most of can be found in deviantart and should be given proper credit.
The ideology that I am imparting is about body perfectionism. The voice that my ad is trying to shout is "buy me and be like me." It's trying to talk to the oppressed people who are mentally burdened by the thought of insecurities of comparing oneself to the more sexy body which is accepted in the society.

My supposed audience here are people who are overweight and underweight. They should by now realize the misleading product I have created, and should be laughing right now. Of course I didn't create this ad for the profit of the company "Magic Tea", well literally because this is not a serious business. It's more like a parody scene. I created this ad to make people realize something big, you know that the ingredients in potions are mysterious and magical right? Do people even have the time to research chemicals in slimming drinks? If yes, then they should know the effects or whatsoever. I've heard of slimming coffees, and I've heard some of them as giving a life long illness, because they have magical chemicals that are not worth it. And yes, I've heard of successful true stories, but again... is it worth it? Even if the person beside you uses it and you've seen it yourself, of course the curiosity in you wants to have the same results. But what if it didn't? People have different body types, both inside and out. When you use that one pack which contains 12 pieces of slimming coffees, those chemicals stay somewhere in your body. And remember, they are not BFAD accredited. And again, yes, that's what you call magic.

I give two thumbs up to people who appreciate who they are, who love their skin, who are equipped with beautiful attitudes, who take care of their bodies with a healthy diet, and can walk out of the house with no make-up on.
You can be beautiful as long as you are healthy.
These are examples of advertisements that really inspires me to stay beautiful:
This ad made me smile. It made me think, how did she do it? Why is she so radiant and beautiful? Well... It's because of DOVE!

This picture, kicks realization back! This is a huge difference. And my eyes go right through the Dove real beauty campaign. They look so happy, healthy, and gorgeous. In my art history class, women are supposed to be voluptuous with big breasts and hips like Venus of Wilindorf. Why? Because it's a feature of a real woman and because they are meant to have maternal love to their child from their pregnancy, to the drinking of their milk, and until they grow up. Imagine a slim mother do this?

When I was young I imagined people like Marilyn Monroe in a swim suit and comparing it in today's sexy bodies. I thought we must be more lucky because the old ones weren't that gorgeous. But now when I saw these pictures. I want to take back what I said. 

My conclusion in this ideology is that you can only achieve a healthy body with a healthy diet and exercise, it's never about the magical drink or making excuses. It's about you. What you are defines who you are, few people accept their body types and I salute them because they embrace themselves, even though they aren't slim they look perfectly beautiful! Thanks for reading!


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