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We all know the saying about a picture is worth a thousand words. Now how would an artist put those thousand words into a canvas, especially for an art competition?
There are rules in art competitions and there are also options like open theme category in which you will compose your art according to your artistic vision. And one thing to take in mind is that people join competition to win. Why join one if you don't plan on winning? Our message through art should be meaningful and it has to grab the target audience's interest. There's no harm done if we don't win, what matters is we learn something from joining one.
I have joined some minor art competitions online and also during high school. In good terms, I did achieved some awards. But when you're in college, of course it's going to be different. You are obliged, depending on your course, to join national painting competitions. It will help an extra boost in your resume and reputation as an artist.
These are some of my ancient works that were submitted in art competitions:
From left to bottom: Toys are alive, 2010 and Blood + Fanart, 2007.
From right to bottom: Philippine's Passion for Shell Competition 2010 and Color Contest 2008.
It was a very friendly competition for me. And I had fun creating it. There were no regrets whatsoever because you only had to invest time and the result would be to attain a great thing called experience. Furthermore, you can also get cash prizes.

Hidden Beauty [2012]
8 paintings among some entries are chosen by the Far Eastern University Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts Professors as the official entries to the 2013 Calendar of Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC). This painting won 5,000 Pesos and 7 more others.
I submit my work not knowing about the prizes, I was surprised it had one. When the deliberation was still undone, there were last minute paintings that was accepted. I was so disheartened when i saw their works, i told to myself that I could've done much better. Their skills was very high level.
It was an unexpected and hidden-like announcement, if I hadn't learned about this from one of my Prof I wouldn't have joined and experienced this happy feeling. Since it was not on the plan, this painting was done within a day and a half using acrylic on canvas. 2' x 3'.
Imagine! 2x3 feet! It's the first painting I had ever done on a big canvas, it was quite stressful because of the big space that I have to paint. Now that it's all over and done, I've never been so excited to paint on another big canvas again! Haha!
This is also the first time that I painted on WITHOUT PENCIL SKETCH. The first direct method I've ever done with acrylics! Gaahh, I'm so happy I was able to do it nicely. Oh and look at the cute small koi fishes! Aren't they cute? <3 span="span">
When my art was selected my Professors gave me advices to make it better, like I should add some koi to add more to the meaning of "Hidden Beauty". I also edited the water lily petal.
Again, at the last minute, a Professor of mine said that there would be an awarding ceremony, too bad I came too late, there were free food!!! When I arrived at the exhibit, there were people going out and I was the only one there. It was so awkward.
There were many beautiful paintings exhibited from many universities, I was so overwhelmed by the winning entries, they truly deserve it. There were some paintings that were eye candies, but a competition is a competition, there's always a quota.

The Remaining Seeds [2012]
An entry to Petron Painting Competition
 A child's mind is very creative and inspiring. Teaching them how to take care of our environment would be the best teaching of all, it's the simplest way of saying I love Earth, our God's greatest gift! All our love ones and precious belongings will all be lost in just an instant calamity. Prevention is crucial. Being a professional isn't enough.
And as the saying goes, the children are our future, I believe each child should grow up and learn valuable subjects. An example is to be knowledgeable about morals and the value of life.
By the way, this is a rush work, about 8 hours or so.
When was about to submit my artwork at the receiving location right before 12 mid night, which is the Petron's traditional way in their every art competition to provide students extra time to finish their works, I saw a lot of grand works with large canvases, I really felt embarrassed about mine. They were personalized canvas, and their works are just handled with time and nice techniques. Even all of this mishaps, I never regretted joining. Experience is a good teacher.

Prizes are nice, but the real competition is with your performance yesterday. (Irwin Greenberg)

These competitions help me in my personal aesthetics as an art student. True, competitions are hard, but it's a great exercise to be more motivated and inspired. Joining competitions has widden my perspective that there are other great artists out there and since they can do it, I could do better.

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage. (Arie de Geus)


Always ask for critiques and suggestions. From professors, parents, siblings, and friends. It's better to hear something from them rather than from strangers. Professors never expects anything back if you win, never think of that. Just think that they are always here to help. In appreciation, we can thank them by painting a portrait or simple art.
Check your calendar in advance. Never miss a competition! In my experience, I have missed a LOT. And most of my works are last minute.
Read carefully the instructions. This is common sense, but it's better to print it than tiwala sa memory mo
Expect the unexpected. Trust me, I always expect.
You don't need to think about representing your school. I honestly never thought about that. But you will unless you are going to represent your University.

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1. Concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste.
2. (Philosophy) A philosophical theory as to what is beautiful.
3. (Art) The branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste (emphasizing the evaluative criteria that are applied to art).
4. Philosophy of art or how one thinks about art


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