Another step to fulfill my dream!

Yahoo!!! Pulled out an all-nighter with this dress. :P

Photographed by me, Eizu, with my Canon EOS 60D then I edited this with Adobe Photoshop.

After finishing my pattern I'm so happy! But... when I started using my sewing machine, I was like...

"I think my sewing machine is broken...! It won't stitch!"

OMG! What to do? What to do?

...And then I thought of a solution an hour later. Figuratively... it went well. I fixed the footer with a glue gun. Hahaha. When I execute a little pressure to the footer it was more accurate than before, it kinda became... BRAND NEW.

I'm so happy! I thought my-effort-for-finishing-this-dress-the-next-4-to-6-hours-(deadline)-will-not-become-a-dream-come-true
Yep. I'm a certified and licensed crammer.


Oh, look at Jaejoong:

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The next time I'll create a draped dress, I won't do it in a pattern paper if it's not for mass production, because I think it's easier draping with a mannequin.

► Materials: I used a pattern paper, then I transfer it to my spandex/ stretch fabric.;
Portable sewing machine (singer);
Camera: Canon EOS 60d; Post Production: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
► Subject: Haute Couture
► Professor: Ma'am Brigid
► School: Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Shaw Boulevard.

Anyways, this is my second dress, ever. The first one was made with canvass cloth.

This cute drape dress is my 1st fashion design in a good fabric, spandex, for my Haute Couture project. I sew it myself, I have not taken any sewing class yet. But I'm determined to learn soon (hopefully next week!) because it is easier to understand the art of fabric when you know "everything" on how to sew.

So wondering how I kind of know how to sew? Well because when I was in high school, I really like sewing, but I'm so lazy. I only love starting something then hate finishing it because it's just so tiring. Then when I went to college, I enrolled in bag design course here at the same fashion school. I finished some bags already (It's here in another post). Our Professor Paul Hererra taught us the basics of bag pattern making, materials, fusing, and sewing. Then I use the power of Youtube to complete my sewing capabilities. There you go! Haha. And I'm really excited to have a real lesson soon here at the same school too.

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Anyways, thanks for reading! <3 <3 <3!
Happy bloggin'!


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