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Another Fashion Illustration

A new deviation! Please click the image for more information.
Happy bloggin'!

Another step to fulfill my dream!

Yahoo!!! Pulled out an all-nighter with this dress. :P

Photographed by me, Eizu, with my Canon EOS 60D then I edited this with Adobe Photoshop.

After finishing my pattern I'm so happy! But... when I started using my sewing machine, I was like...

"I think my sewing machine is broken...! It won't stitch!"

OMG! What to do? What to do?

...And then I thought of a solution an hour later. Figuratively... it went well. I fixed the footer with a glue gun. Hahaha. When I execute a little pressure to the footer it was more accurate than before, it kinda became... BRAND NEW.

I'm so happy! I thought my-effort-for-finishing-this-dress-the-next-4-to-6-hours-(deadline)-will-not-become-a-dream-come-true
Yep. I'm a certified and licensed crammer.


Oh, look at Jaejoong:

You can view more photos by clicking these links below:

The next time I'll create a draped dress, I won't do it in a pattern paper if it's not for mass production, because I think it's easier draping with a mannequin.

► Materials: I used a pattern paper, then I transfer it to my spandex/ stretch fabric.;
Portable sewing machine (singer);
Camera: Canon EOS 60d; Post Production: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
► Subject: Haute Couture
► Professor: Ma'am Brigid
► School: Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Shaw Boulevard.