My brand new mannequin!

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Wohoo! Here's my brand new mannequin! You don't know how happy I am right now. :D

I still have a long way before I become a professional fashion designer, but with inspiration, perseverance, talent, attitude, and together with my parents' financial help, I just believe that I can make it!

I'm very excited for my graduation, whereas I can do anything I want and grab my dreams instantly. Graduating makes you feel complete, and eventually opportunities arise like a series of blinking of your eyes. Yes, it's too fast that I might become a workaholic freak. LOL

I'll be graduating twice. Hahaha. Hopefully next year I'll have my Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Collection Competition! *Cross fingers* And after 2 years I'll graduate and receive my degree in Fine Arts major in Painting.
While writing this blog post, I'm very apprehensive about how my grammars and series of sentences or stories that are being written. Because I have to practice the right way. Maybe when you meet me in person and because I'm friendly and random... I'll soon be telling you a synopsis of a movie, and unintentionally I sometimes start from end to beginning or sometimes in random episode, and it will just make you think that the original story was so far away from how I shared it. LMAO.

Anyways, back to the mannequin. I really love it! And I really appreciate my parents for granting what I want. And also thanks to my brother for coming with me to get this mannequin, it was quite an adventure in Manila. I printed a map to prevent mistakes. But going back home was the hard part because searching a jeep to Quiapo was extraordinary rare. Talking with jeepney drivers was really helpful, good thing they were all kind to me. Hahaha :D

I really want to thank my Mom for being super supportive. She is the source behind on how and where to buy this mannequin, and she's also my inspiration to become a fashion designer. She encouraged me to be more creative and to level up my potential love for art and fabrics.

Still life references

This is a live reference from our still life subject course.
It should have been a one day plate, but since the required medium was color pencils on 12 x 18 drawing paper and that the given time was only less than 2 hours... our prof agreed to take our plate home and pass it next meeting.

So here's the reference:
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Thanks for reading! Happy evening!


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