Haute Couture fashion at FIP

This was made by me! Yay! I only cut the fabric, the magic is on the pattern paper!

This wasn't made by me, I pictured it for my reference. :D

Anyways, learning Haute Couture is really fun!!! You'll learn a lot more and expand your creativity.

Btw, I'm a fashion student at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and a 2nd year Fine Arts student at the Far Eastern University. Currently enrolled in two schools encourage me to be responsible.

You can check out FIP's website for informations, enrollment procedures, and schedules that are available. They have three branches: Ortigas, Quezon City, and Makati. Good luck if you want to be a fashion designer like me too!!!

Btw, I just bought this cute Hallmark journal. It's so cute because it is pink and fashionable, can't wait to use this on 2012 (LMAO).

Thanks for reading!
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