Benro tripod is worth it

Yes! It is worth buying. For me it has a professional look and a durable structure. It is strong enough to maintain a DSLR camera too.

Why do you need a tripod?
- It will enhance your creative intention and quality for the final look of your photo because it will have a more steady shot, especially at night when you will need a slower shutter speed setting.
- Great for panorama shots.
- Enhances your video.
- Reduces blurred shots
- Good for portrait or studio shoot, especially when you use a remote for your DSLR camera.

More information here:

 More shots of my Benro tripod:
Lol, yeah, I bought this at SM.

More shots! From my October 2011 files.

This was my food photography plate on my photography class. Did it make you hungry???

Oh, and btw, I love dragonfruit! It is 100% healthy, except you only have to eat a specific amount everyday. Too much can bee too dangerous. :D

You have to read about this from the articles below:

It's worth reading it. Such a good true story.


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