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Basic Pattern Making is interestingly H-A-R-D

It makes you go crazy and tired, but it is interesting. This Thursday will be our last day for the basic pattern making class in FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) and we were required to finish our pattern in a canvas fabric with our own measurements. I would like to sew mine on my own. LOL. Goodluck to me again! Hahaha. Thanks for reading!

Fashion is PASSION. Aja!!!

New things, better challlenges for me!

Hello Canon EOS 60d, my new best friend! 

I'm really fortunate to have this. Thank you Dad and Mom, and Lola <3
I will always take care of you best friend 60d~
I want a good site for my photo shoots (without being scared to bring my camera)
:P - via FB

Good luck for my photo shoots!!! New world of photography, here I go! Hahaha.

Meet my new Corby II
I love you my Corby II! Thanks again to my loving parents for the renewal of my Sun Cellular plan. :)
This is the phone I've been waiting for. Even though it's not android or an iphone/ipod. I really like the features it offers. And I'm going to maximize it. I love the screen shot feature, and the contact customization. I love everything about it. :D

My Corby II also has a 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels; Smile shutter; and a Video: QVGA@15fps.

Some of my first shots with my Corby outdoor.
Hello Kitty Cats :D

Hi brand new color pencils

Hope I will immediately improve my coloring skills. I still lack in having contrast to my artworks. LOL. Good luck to me! Practice practice! Thanks for reading <3

Emma Watson Digital Portraiture

Emma Watson Digital Portrait by *eizu on deviantART

At last! It's finished. It was so hard, but with practice, I think I can make it better. :)

Things I’m working on

Guess what? I’m drinking another tang mango juice. Yup, it’s 1L Yumm~ Haha, I shook the jar too hard that it created lots of bubbles, making it look like a beer.

LMAO In love

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