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My logo, FINALLY

This was a past artwork and just finished it today. :) So… what do you think???

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Today is another day

Drew some doodles while I was in the Library. I have a big free time slot in my sched today. Sigh*While drawing this, I might open a chibi commissions again. LOL. :P

And below here is an art plate from my Illustration class, it's about drawing 5 years old. No references used, only measurements. (Click the picture to enlarge)
Okaay, good night!!! <3


Figurine shots

Just wanna put up some update. :)

Figurine shots!!! This kawaii neko-like figure has been with me for like 2-3 years I think. And I bought it 50% off because it was sold in an anime convention. <3
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Took the shot last Monday, July 25, 2011, with my lovely Sony Digicam (Dsc W110)

I was so exhausted from my pattern making class this 9-6pm, even though our instructor dismissed the class early (4:00pm) I just felt burned-out. So I still can't finish my Mom's portrait:

This article can be found on my previous post

Thanks for reading! Goodnight everyone, hehe.

My portraiture journey (process unfinish yet)

I used a reference (with the help of my lovely desktop), an easel with a plywood, a normal sketchpad, and 4h,4b, 6b, and 8b pencils.

I used an easel because I want to experience it while STANDING, and... I'm getting fat because of too much sitting. HAHAHA.

By the way, this isn't an art plate, this is just a personal art dedicated to my wonderful mom.

Here she is! My ever beautiful Mom, good thing she didn't become a celebrity (LOL) or I won't enjoy much time being and talking with her. She never failed to bring with her many inspiring words and values.

- My current work (Still unfinished)

-Okay, you won't see much from this pic, coz it's too light. I used a 4h pencil for the base sketch. It took me 35 mins. Man, that was hard. -.-

Process Continuation:

Harry Potter and School plates as usual

Okay! I just watched HP with my brother and cousin, and the movie is just so EPIC. I really loved it! I want to watch it all over again. Haha. Btw, I cried watching, especially on Snape’s part.

I just can’t believe it had to end. But the decision is wise and the story is just well told.

J.K. Rowling is just the best writer!!! Though I haven’t read any of her BIG books since I don’t have time, LOL. Anyways, it’s depicted in the movie how genius she is with her creativity and her control of the beautiful flow of the story.

Because of the HP I liked talking British accent in school and at home. LOL. Smile

Before we got home, we came across this Magic POP in SM mall that was so attractive in the crowd. Well it became more inviting to me because it’s a Korean product, and I remembered this was a food used in Boys over flowers. I JUST HAVE TO BUY IT. :) Lol. it’s pricey though. Costs about Php39 for one pack.

Then when I got home. I just have to do a school plate for my frustrating professor. I need to improve because he gives disappointing (lol) grades.

This isn’t done yet. I have to do some editing tomorrow. I really don’t like the aftermath, but… it took me a while to finish this. Damn, why do all my long work always ended up not being perfect for me. XD Practice, practice~

While drawing, I came across a great video-podcast in youtube. Secret! I won’t tell who he is. LMAO. Anyways, it was very inspiring and it made me realize many things. So I’ll do my best in my artworks and set no limitations. :)

Here's a photo art whilst I rest myself from stress. Haha.DSC05176