Wednesday Mayhem #2

Hello readers! Every Wednesday I will post something interesting. I will feature articles, artworks, people, or blogs that interest me and hopefully to you too!

Typing Challenge


I really like typing! Ever since I was in the 5th grade the computer technology has a complete appeal to me that I actually memorized the keyboard characters without even noticing it. LOL!

Here’s the link: where I got this from. It’s a really good online program, and you can download it too! Though the con is that the words are in motion as you type. You’ll get what I mean when you download it. :)

OMG! Chalk art is amazing!


I cannot even believe it! I’ve never seen this kind of things here in Manila yet, and I would be amazed and happy if I would.

Here’s the link: to see the original and more pictures from “sidewalkchalkguy”

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next Wednesday Mayhem!… and also to more of my blog posts. :)


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