Wednesday Mayhem #1

Hello readers! Every Wednesday I will post something interesting. I will feature articles, artworks, people, or blogs that interest me and hopefully to you too!

Her style is just so unique and totally breathless!


She is Serge Birault. An amazing digital artist that you just have to stalk!!!!


Here’s the link to see her process of the picture above. And don’t forget to visit her blog to know more about her! <3

She’s my inspiration! So I should do my best as an artist too! LOL!!! Smile

Do you believe in LEVITATION?

There IS SOMEONE who levitates!!! Hehe. And her name is Natsumi who lives in Tokyo.clip_image001

All of her pictures is just inspiring! And I will stalk her everyday. Smile

Her blog:


Thanks for reading! Stay tune for the next Wednesday Mayhem!… and also to more of my blog posts. :)


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