It has been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy with training for my summer job (swim instructor, every sunday morning, yup I AM SO TAN right now), my course in advance fashion illustration at FIP (w/c will end next mon), and of course my art plates at FEU.

It’s so hard to oil paint for me, because our Professor explained about it orally, we haven’t seen an actual illustration of oil painting yet. I wished we had it to make things easier (I think). So this means that we, the students, would have to self study again (Or I think I’m the only one thinking about this, OTL ). =.=

This is a semi-final plate in our Design subject, and our reference is an oil painting by Vicente Manansala. Below is a reference photo worth Php 50.00, lol.


And here’s my unfinished work as of now:


I’ve been working on it for 3 days (3-5hours each I think)DSC03595

And this one is another plate, I think it’s our finals. Not sure LOL, I have to make 3 of these (cropping the art is allowed), I have a partner, she’ll do another 3 to complete a cube kind-of-box, we’ll nail it or glue it all together.



Here’s some kind of scoop/WIP. (2 days)DSC03552DSC03553DSC03554

I was only satisfied with the carrot, LMAO. Haha.


Thanks for reading! And have a happy finals (hell) week!!!!!! <3


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