Found many drawings during spring clean.

I love doodles! Especially in my random notebooks during class since gradeschool (I’m so proud, lol) , but I still get high grades, because I CRAM at school. Hahaha. *Evil Laugh* Seriously, it was tiring. But now I enjoy studying in fine arts, less memorizing more high grades for my minors, muhahahahaha. But I still have to improve my art skills, so FIGHTING!!!

Psst, I like doodling mostly during Theology class (since grade school to college in UST Accountancy) and CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training, my rank was G1-P, a secretary, ) lecture lessons, and also during exams, when I finish my math related subjects, I draw at the solutions page (back) it was one of my most beautiful doodles, though I forgot where my papers went. Hehe.


I draw so much character sheets, but never was I able to finish all of it. I always have a story in mind, but it was scattered, I need a notebook for my ideas, :D

Look here! It’s my debut invitation left overs. Ahh, good times, I created the design, printed it, folded the invitation, taped-organize-etc, and distributed to friends and family. It’s that simple, or not Secret telling smileIf you’re having a debut, prepare it at least a month before. If you want to have invitations made for you, go to stalls in SM malls, or if you’re in a budget, try visiting Recto, Quiapo, and Divisoria, they have plenty of features.

My sweet friend Aki won Php 20,000 in Show time (Philippine tv show in ABS-CBN network) She gave out a very thoughtful party at Yellow Cab, and bought these cute kiddy party hats, funny I know, but that’s who she is. And what’s more is that she even signed each one of our hats:


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