I’ve been cleaning the house


This might sound funny but… I’ve been cleaning the house all day. Doing another batch of laundry cleaning-folding, washing the plates, cleaning the bathroom, and… organizing my room.

Then I decided to speed sketch something semi-anime for 11 + minutes:feb 17056

I love handsome face with nice hair, tall and has a manly heart. Hehe. This is a speed piece so so mistakes are visible in some parts (and I didn’t use any erasers, and just drew this while I was sitting on bed), but I had fun anyways.

I have many things to prioritize, but I can’t concentrate when my world is in a mess.
(You know what I mean Smile with tongue out)

Many ART PLATES are lining up for finals, and I have to move fast. Sad smileBeen really inactive in deviantart these days, I’ll do my best to update more from now on. Surprised smileFighting!!! Ninja


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