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I’ve been cleaning the house


This might sound funny but… I’ve been cleaning the house all day. Doing another batch of laundry cleaning-folding, washing the plates, cleaning the bathroom, and… organizing my room.

Then I decided to speed sketch something semi-anime for 11 + minutes:feb 17056

I love handsome face with nice hair, tall and has a manly heart. Hehe. This is a speed piece so so mistakes are visible in some parts (and I didn’t use any erasers, and just drew this while I was sitting on bed), but I had fun anyways.

I have many things to prioritize, but I can’t concentrate when my world is in a mess.
(You know what I mean Smile with tongue out)

Many ART PLATES are lining up for finals, and I have to move fast. Sad smileBeen really inactive in deviantart these days, I’ll do my best to update more from now on. Surprised smileFighting!!! Ninja


Found many drawings during spring clean.

I love doodles! Especially in my random notebooks during class since gradeschool (I’m so proud, lol) , but I still get high grades, because I CRAM at school. Hahaha. *Evil Laugh* Seriously, it was tiring. But now I enjoy studying in fine arts, less memorizing more high grades for my minors, muhahahahaha. But I still have to improve my art skills, so FIGHTING!!!

Psst, I like doodling mostly during Theology class (since grade school to college in UST Accountancy) and CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training, my rank was G1-P, a secretary, ) lecture lessons, and also during exams, when I finish my math related subjects, I draw at the solutions page (back) it was one of my most beautiful doodles, though I forgot where my papers went. Hehe.


I draw so much character sheets, but never was I able to finish all of it. I always have a story in mind, but it was scattered, I need a notebook for my ideas, :D

Look here! It’s my debut invitation left overs. Ahh, good times, I created the design, printed it, folded the invitation, taped-organize-etc, and distributed to friends and family. It’s that simple, or not Secret telling smileIf you’re having a debut, prepare it at least a month before. If you want to have invitations made for you, go to stalls in SM malls, or if you’re in a budget, try visiting Recto, Quiapo, and Divisoria, they have plenty of features.

My sweet friend Aki won Php 20,000 in Show time (Philippine tv show in ABS-CBN network) She gave out a very thoughtful party at Yellow Cab, and bought these cute kiddy party hats, funny I know, but that’s who she is. And what’s more is that she even signed each one of our hats:

Walking + Activity

Walking and taking photo, ‘coz I was bored walking a looong way, hehe.

Did you know that I’m in love with sunsets? Open-mouthed smile

My new activity for the day, I mean “forever”, READING!!! I need to read and learn things I have to learn that can’t be learned in school (Lol at the funny statement. >.< ), because there are some secrets of life that can only be found in the books! Just make sure it’s non-fiction.

Painting with watercolor

Here I am excited to paint LOL. >.<

Watercolor pencils + Watercolor (left) and Pointillism (right)

The apple is enhanced, thus reddish and yummy. LMAO, haha.

Tiger time!!!

Now that's what I call blue eyes white dragon, I mean tiger, haha, I miss Yu-Gi-Oh.

Using hair blower, to fasten up things. My first time using this kind of method.

Almost finish!

Tada!!!~~ I hope to improve more sooner or later.

Thanks for reading!!! <3>

About Jaejoong having a girlfriend and or a child?


2011 0213 28

Click to watch: 

Junsu: There was an interesting story. Jaejoong's dad asked him if he has a girlfriend, and because he said that he didn't, then forget about the girl, just bring me the grandchild first.

Jaejoong: It seems like firstly, I need to have a girlfriend. If you're somewhere, please come quickly. I want to die~ (He’s feeling the urgency to have a grandchild for his parents.)

Note: It’s because his parents are in that kind of age, that’s why they want to see their future grandchild of Jaejoong.

Source -
The translation belong to @inhye87 via twitter.
0:54 and 9:42 credit to @starfieldsho via twitter

Jaejoong's twitter: @mjjeje
My twitter: @eizu

This video really made my day. Open-mouthed smile