Walking and walking again

I was preparing myself for school, but I became so lazy somehow, so I came to class late, but since it was just time for the attendance I was not recorded as late, lol. ^_^
Thereinafter our prof simply gave an essay task about our holiday experience and when finished we are free to go. So I did my best and off I go! >.< And since I have like a 15 min. class (because during Wednesdays I only have one class) I still have time to go to SM Mall because I need a pen nib refill, which I really REALLY need. I’m frustrated that sometimes my tablet is having errors, but thankfully it’s working perfectly now. I don’t know how but it must’ve been a miracle lol.
Pen nibs look like this:
And my tablet that I’m using is:
Two SMs in one day. Haha! Lol. Smile
I wonder how many times I’ve said "lol".
I’ve been to SM Sta. Mesa, and spent about an hour or so of WALKING but no luck. And I kept on asking from many computer stores, but most of them don’t know pen tablets and doesn’t accept special orders vice versa. So while I was WALKING I saw a yogurt stall, and of course I was kinda hungry so I ordered one. LMAO!DSC02457
They aren’t like any other stores, because their table is at the middle of the walking space in the mall.
It tasted great! Goodbye my savings of P65.00. It could’ve tasted better if I have someone with, (Yup, I was alone) so after taking this pic I eat while walking (which is my habit). o.o
Since there was no luck in finding my OBJECTIVE, I went to SM Megamall, >.< How tiring, because I have to ride a jeep of ‘Pasig Quiapo’ from SM Sta. Mesa where I have to WALK a long mile before I arrive to SM Megamall. And since this is “MEGA” more WALKING job is here again, LMAOLMAO!!! Here’s the map/ store locator (if you want to know how big it is). It's recommended to study it before going to save time.
  • At the San Mig, a 10 minute walk after riding a jeep.
  • I love my photography skills, LOL!
Hahaha, but at least I found a little hope here. I was given a phone number of Wacom Philippines head manager and so I called the landline using my phone. Then they said they’re not sure when but they will contact me if they already have a stock.
SOOOOOooooo, if I don’t get good news within the month or so, I’ll just order from the internet. Smile

Psssst. Have you seen the new BAMBOO TOUCH?

By the way, this new Wacom product is really interesting. I saw this in SM Megamall at Octagon in Cyberzone, it’s still available if you’re interested. Hope I’ll be able to have that someday Open-mouthed smile

For you!!!!

Happy New Year gift Smile

My photography skills! January 4, 2011

Haha, practicing myself in the world of photos! I’m obsessed with macros and still life Open-mouthed smile All are taken at FEU (Far Eastern University, Manila) with my handy Sony digi cam.


My art done last year Smile


Sexy and awesome new MV of DBSK. They have a very strong voice with great performance. Got to watch and love it!
Jaejoong’s deep, passionate, and lovely voice. From the DBSK’s mirotic concert. Jaejoong ah FIGHTING~ AKTF (Always keep the faith) Follow his twitter right now :)
Follow Jaejoong’s twitter right now :)


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