A long way

I just came from San Miguel Ortigas for my PhilHealth application, for my pre-employment requirement as a swim instructor in a certain swim school (will announce it later), and man the waiting line took so long about 30-40 minutes. Since I had my number reserved I went to have my lunch in the same building.

Then on my way to Recto, there was a probability of an accident:

comic 1

She was an old woman, so guys and gals remember when crossing be aware and follow the rules…

I know I was going to be late at my design class in FEU but I still have my attendance checked, Lol. Lucky I guess.

Then, just finished riding a bike:


Lol at my simple animation! Haha, “Just finished riding a bike. It'll be my daily routine >.< You know why, right? haha, lol” –From my recent tweet Smile


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