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My trip and walkthrough to Taytay Palengke!

Grabe talaga ang byahe papuntang Taytay palengke for my fabric crave!
I wanted to try out Taytay market to buy fabrics for my fashion projects at FIP. And it was haggard (crazy) as blaze. I was excited to go but afraid to be lost. Good thing my brother traveled with me. Thank you bro!

So... how do you get there from SM Centerpoint Sta. Mesa?

First off, wait for the bus that has a placard of "Taytay" at the front of SM Centerpoint Sta. Mesa and then tell to the conductor "Palengke po." And that costs Php 40. I know! It's so pricey. You could buy a lunch with that. *Student-state* Hahaha. It's expensive because your travel would be like an hour and a half.

You can also ride "Taytay" bus somewhere in SM Megamall, just ask for directions where to find that bus' transport, and you'll be ok.

Look at the map below:

Right-click the picture and select Open in new Tab for larger image. Source from google pic-

Remember to ask the conductor every now and then if you're close to "Taytay Palengke". And when the time has finally arrived, you will be dropped off at the Manila East Road JOLLIBEE.

 Outline of the fabric stores:

Remember to Right-click all the pictures and select Open in new Tab for larger image. These places are the only ones I'm sure of, I wanted to explore more but it was getting dark. Haha.

I'm not really a pro here, I've only been here in Taytay market for the first time and for about an hour of shopping. So this documentation isn't that big, complete, and elaborated.

   Here are the detailed pictures and descriptions from the outline ABOVE:


I just drooled at the shot I made. It looks so cool! Hahaha, what do you think? I liked the timing of my composition, it was a beautiful accident shot with my phone. <3

Anyways, this store is "Telahan sa plaza". If you would notice, the one at the most left part is already closed. I think their closing time is at 5:00pm. I bought a really cute brown polka dots stretch fabric from them. It was Php 150 per kilo, and the piece I bought was Php 61, I guess it was about half kilo. And when I checked, it was about more than 1 yard! I'd go to this store a second time if I can!

And for the picture below, you'll find Fel's store beside the Rural Bank (on the left):

Fel's Depamaylo Enterpries. Textiles and Accessories. Tel. no. 286-1708

They sell almost everything, from bobbin cases, to plastic boning, to chiffons, satins, hair clothes, and more!

Here's a picture of their accessories:

Sewing machines!!! They're the blood of fashion! :D

I super want this! I won't tell the price! Hahaha. It's too expensive since all the parts are BRAND NEW! Woohoo!!!

You can buy hi-speed sewing machines at Federico E. Tupaz! Remember to find this at the Outline of the fabric stores map above to get here


They sell 2nd hand head together with brand new tables, motors, etc. For Php 8,000- 9,000.

Overall, I expected this place would be better but it wasn't. It's great for stretch fabrics per kilo. But I haven't found about silk fabrics, maybe because I was in a hurry though. I thought almost all of the fabrics are per kilo, but the fabrics that I needed were sold per yard! I didn't anticipate that. Haha.

It is still more complete and cheaper in Divisoria, but sadly 100% of my friends who know the place said it's too dangerous going there especially when you're alone, but I haven't met any tragedies in all of my trips there (been there once alone too haha), perhaps I was fortunate.  And my mom said that I should not go to Divisoria again.

So I'm only allowed to shop fabrics at Malls specifically at SM Megamall. :D I agree with my mom that it's better to spend a little higher for my safety since I only needed few yards.  Calculating the fare to Divisoria plus the time that I'll be saving and the stress of worrying for my safety is fair enough to shop at SM because it's convenient, safe, and fast.  And if in the future I'll be needing lots of fabrics, I'll probably look for a good supplier to come visit me instead of me going somewhere to buy them haha :P

Anyway, this would be a great bargain if your place is near Taytay. :D

All shots were taken by my Corby II. I'm happy that the quality here in my blog is acceptable.

Happy bloggin' everybody! Thanks for reading!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


Feel free to comment and be reminded that I reply back. Thank You and have a nice day!

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My brand new mannequin!

Click the picture to enlarge
Wohoo! Here's my brand new mannequin! You don't know how happy I am right now. :D

I still have a long way before I become a professional fashion designer, but with inspiration, perseverance, talent, attitude, and together with my parents' financial help, I just believe that I can make it!

I'm very excited for my graduation, whereas I can do anything I want and grab my dreams instantly. Graduating makes you feel complete, and eventually opportunities arise like a series of blinking of your eyes. Yes, it's too fast that I might become a workaholic freak. LOL

I'll be graduating twice. Hahaha. Hopefully next year I'll have my Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Collection Competition! *Cross fingers* And after 2 years I'll graduate and receive my degree in Fine Arts major in Painting.
While writing this blog post, I'm very apprehensive about how my grammars and series of sentences or stories that are being written. Because I have to practice the right way. Maybe when you meet me in person and because I'm friendly and random... I'll soon be telling you a synopsis of a movie, and unintentionally I sometimes start from end to beginning or sometimes in random episode, and it will just make you think that the original story was so far away from how I shared it. LMAO.

Anyways, back to the mannequin. I really love it! And I really appreciate my parents for granting what I want. And also thanks to my brother for coming with me to get this mannequin, it was quite an adventure in Manila. I printed a map to prevent mistakes. But going back home was the hard part because searching a jeep to Quiapo was extraordinary rare. Talking with jeepney drivers was really helpful, good thing they were all kind to me. Hahaha :D

I really want to thank my Mom for being super supportive. She is the source behind on how and where to buy this mannequin, and she's also my inspiration to become a fashion designer. She encouraged me to be more creative and to level up my potential love for art and fabrics.

Still life references

This is a live reference from our still life subject course.
It should have been a one day plate, but since the required medium was color pencils on 12 x 18 drawing paper and that the given time was only less than 2 hours... our prof agreed to take our plate home and pass it next meeting.

So here's the reference:
(Click the picture to enlarge it)

Thanks for reading! Happy evening!

Another moonleaf tea time!

Lol, the picture I posted is an empty milk tea. Hahahaha.
On Wednesday, we had a moonleaf tea experience again.
This time my order was peppermint milk tea with tapioca add-ons.
Delicious! Especially when you're drinking with your close friends. :D

My first post about this is on

 Thanks for reading! :*

Benro tripod is worth it

Yes! It is worth buying. For me it has a professional look and a durable structure. It is strong enough to maintain a DSLR camera too.

Why do you need a tripod?
- It will enhance your creative intention and quality for the final look of your photo because it will have a more steady shot, especially at night when you will need a slower shutter speed setting.
- Great for panorama shots.
- Enhances your video.
- Reduces blurred shots
- Good for portrait or studio shoot, especially when you use a remote for your DSLR camera.

More information here:

 More shots of my Benro tripod:
Lol, yeah, I bought this at SM.

More shots! From my October 2011 files.

This was my food photography plate on my photography class. Did it make you hungry???

Oh, and btw, I love dragonfruit! It is 100% healthy, except you only have to eat a specific amount everyday. Too much can bee too dangerous. :D

You have to read about this from the articles below:

It's worth reading it. Such a good true story.

Haute Couture fashion at FIP

This was made by me! Yay! I only cut the fabric, the magic is on the pattern paper!

This wasn't made by me, I pictured it for my reference. :D

Anyways, learning Haute Couture is really fun!!! You'll learn a lot more and expand your creativity.

Btw, I'm a fashion student at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and a 2nd year Fine Arts student at the Far Eastern University. Currently enrolled in two schools encourage me to be responsible.

You can check out FIP's website for informations, enrollment procedures, and schedules that are available. They have three branches: Ortigas, Quezon City, and Makati. Good luck if you want to be a fashion designer like me too!!!

Btw, I just bought this cute Hallmark journal. It's so cute because it is pink and fashionable, can't wait to use this on 2012 (LMAO).

Thanks for reading!
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Milk Tea Time

It's been so long since I drank a milk tea. It tastes so good! I ordered Oolong Milk Tea with a Tapioca add-on.

We also made some mini notes on Moonleaf Tea Shop's pin board. Hahaha.

By @rashinuhh
O.M.! Nasaan ka ELISA??? Hahahahaha.

By @Ayette07
Thoughtful quote... and then suddenly an MMK-ing drama letter Hahahaha!

From left to right: Eyl, Diana (me), Ayette, Rash, Apay
By me (lol) @Eizu
My quick sketch for today. :D

It was really fun trying out this tea shop with my close friends. <3

Here's how to visit Moonleaf Tea Shop:

My project on advance pattern making

What I'm currenty working...

Whoosh! Time to experiment on the pattern paper! :D
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My upcoming manga

This is a clip of my upcoming manga. I really wanna blog right now, but I don't have enough time to share everything I wanted. I'm going to blog about it after our finals. Hahaha.

Too much plates right now, can't wait to draw my personal artworks soon!

Currently listening to Glee songs playlist at It buffers music so fast, and executes quality sounds too! You must try it! <3

See ya!!!
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Basic Pattern Making is interestingly H-A-R-D

It makes you go crazy and tired, but it is interesting. This Thursday will be our last day for the basic pattern making class in FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) and we were required to finish our pattern in a canvas fabric with our own measurements. I would like to sew mine on my own. LOL. Goodluck to me again! Hahaha. Thanks for reading!

Fashion is PASSION. Aja!!!

New things, better challlenges for me!

Hello Canon EOS 60d, my new best friend! 

I'm really fortunate to have this. Thank you Dad and Mom, and Lola <3
I will always take care of you best friend 60d~
I want a good site for my photo shoots (without being scared to bring my camera)
:P - via FB

Good luck for my photo shoots!!! New world of photography, here I go! Hahaha.

Meet my new Corby II
I love you my Corby II! Thanks again to my loving parents for the renewal of my Sun Cellular plan. :)
This is the phone I've been waiting for. Even though it's not android or an iphone/ipod. I really like the features it offers. And I'm going to maximize it. I love the screen shot feature, and the contact customization. I love everything about it. :D

My Corby II also has a 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels; Smile shutter; and a Video: QVGA@15fps.

Some of my first shots with my Corby outdoor.
Hello Kitty Cats :D

Hi brand new color pencils

Hope I will immediately improve my coloring skills. I still lack in having contrast to my artworks. LOL. Good luck to me! Practice practice! Thanks for reading <3

Emma Watson Digital Portraiture

Emma Watson Digital Portrait by *eizu on deviantART

At last! It's finished. It was so hard, but with practice, I think I can make it better. :)

Things I’m working on

Guess what? I’m drinking another tang mango juice. Yup, it’s 1L Yumm~ Haha, I shook the jar too hard that it created lots of bubbles, making it look like a beer.

LMAO In love

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