Plates and Projects (Part 2 of 2)

Date created: Dec. 8, 2010

Look at my messy room! It was just so clean and tidy an hour ago. But since I was doing projects and experiments… everything became distorted. LOL. Because when I needed a certain material, I tend to search it in every corner of my room, and most of the time I usually search it in a hurry and leave things flying around… thus everything became messy.


I love this plate so much! I actually re-did it. On the right side was done at school with not much of a reference, because there was no model in front of us which I thought there would be, but my prof was weird so we relied on photographs which I didn’t have (So I did some experiments). And on the left side is the 2nd take which was occupied with a reference.

DSC01404_thumbI was surprised myself that I was able to do this, LMAO! But somehow, it looks better in camera than in RL. Smile 

*Sigh* after hours and hours of work, I only manage to have a grade of 1.50 which is equivalent to 90-91 % grade…



Computer wips


My beloved Jaejoong! I hope I’ll finish this one very very soon. And note that this is not a “Vector”, I simply traced the lines of his face with a tablet for practice, then I colored and also drew his hair with my own techniques based on the reference I have.image_thumb[2]

This is a fanart of Kyou Kara Maoh, yep lol, I should finish this one too.


I’m so happy! Sayawit 2010


This Sayawit 2010 [Translate: Sayaw (Dance) + Awit (Sing)] poster was designed by me, Eizu, and I saw the printed poster just before I went home In love *Sparkles*. I’m very honored to be a FEUCSO (Far Eastern University Central Student Organization) Committee Member. I know that there’s lots of activities and tasks, but what’s important is you learn how to enjoy the value of contribution <3


Thanks for reading! Fighting!!!


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