Plates and Projects (Part 1 of 2)

There’s a sudden change of situation now that I’m having my 2nd sem in Fine Arts. Lots of major subjects, lots of plates (most are assignments *sigh*), and most of my professors seem to give grades lower than what I expected, I don’t even know if it’s deserving, coz some of my classmates’ plates which had a very professional creative render only got 89-90% grade. I guess favoritism is at stake.

MEANING: Work harder + inspiration – (procrastination + distraction) = higher grades

Imagine, have you ever heard a professor suggest you shift to tourism? How rude, he’s very self centered and doesn’t even appreciate much of his student’s arts.

Some of my works

Date created: Dec. 5, 2010


I practiced sculpting, but sad to say is that this one is a failure. Lol, too many cracks. This is a self hardening clay, you can buy this at any art or crafts store, it’s cheap and good for practice. I’ll be self studying this sooner or later <3

Date created: Dec. 7, 2010


This one above was not drawn by me, but by my good friend Tekla* (Thank you!!!) This was her final plate last sem which was recently returned to her. She used oil and a cardboard-like linen board. She’s very talented and nice >.<

She gave it to me because she wants to have my self portrait drawing (below), meaning we had an art trade.


I gave this sketch to her, which she liked. I was practicing on drawing myself through speed sketching, and I guess it turned out well but not the exact thing as to my reference.DSC_0062

This was my reference picture which at the same time printed in 3r format, LOL she also took this with her!!! I got myself a new fan, lol!

And below is a sketch of something related to Cleopatra design. This was drawn at the back of the paper where my self portrait was drawn.DSC01398

*End of Part 1 of 2. Part 2 contains school plates, computer art Wips (Work in Process) and my organization activity in school.

Thanks for reading!!!


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