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Plates and Projects (Part 2 of 2)

Date created: Dec. 8, 2010

Look at my messy room! It was just so clean and tidy an hour ago. But since I was doing projects and experiments… everything became distorted. LOL. Because when I needed a certain material, I tend to search it in every corner of my room, and most of the time I usually search it in a hurry and leave things flying around… thus everything became messy.


I love this plate so much! I actually re-did it. On the right side was done at school with not much of a reference, because there was no model in front of us which I thought there would be, but my prof was weird so we relied on photographs which I didn’t have (So I did some experiments). And on the left side is the 2nd take which was occupied with a reference.

DSC01404_thumbI was surprised myself that I was able to do this, LMAO! But somehow, it looks better in camera than in RL. Smile 

*Sigh* after hours and hours of work, I only manage to have a grade of 1.50 which is equivalent to 90-91 % grade…



Computer wips


My beloved Jaejoong! I hope I’ll finish this one very very soon. And note that this is not a “Vector”, I simply traced the lines of his face with a tablet for practice, then I colored and also drew his hair with my own techniques based on the reference I have.image_thumb[2]

This is a fanart of Kyou Kara Maoh, yep lol, I should finish this one too.


I’m so happy! Sayawit 2010


This Sayawit 2010 [Translate: Sayaw (Dance) + Awit (Sing)] poster was designed by me, Eizu, and I saw the printed poster just before I went home In love *Sparkles*. I’m very honored to be a FEUCSO (Far Eastern University Central Student Organization) Committee Member. I know that there’s lots of activities and tasks, but what’s important is you learn how to enjoy the value of contribution <3


Thanks for reading! Fighting!!!

Plates and Projects (Part 1 of 2)

There’s a sudden change of situation now that I’m having my 2nd sem in Fine Arts. Lots of major subjects, lots of plates (most are assignments *sigh*), and most of my professors seem to give grades lower than what I expected, I don’t even know if it’s deserving, coz some of my classmates’ plates which had a very professional creative render only got 89-90% grade. I guess favoritism is at stake.

MEANING: Work harder + inspiration – (procrastination + distraction) = higher grades

Imagine, have you ever heard a professor suggest you shift to tourism? How rude, he’s very self centered and doesn’t even appreciate much of his student’s arts.

Some of my works

Date created: Dec. 5, 2010


I practiced sculpting, but sad to say is that this one is a failure. Lol, too many cracks. This is a self hardening clay, you can buy this at any art or crafts store, it’s cheap and good for practice. I’ll be self studying this sooner or later <3

Date created: Dec. 7, 2010


This one above was not drawn by me, but by my good friend Tekla* (Thank you!!!) This was her final plate last sem which was recently returned to her. She used oil and a cardboard-like linen board. She’s very talented and nice >.<

She gave it to me because she wants to have my self portrait drawing (below), meaning we had an art trade.


I gave this sketch to her, which she liked. I was practicing on drawing myself through speed sketching, and I guess it turned out well but not the exact thing as to my reference.DSC_0062

This was my reference picture which at the same time printed in 3r format, LOL she also took this with her!!! I got myself a new fan, lol!

And below is a sketch of something related to Cleopatra design. This was drawn at the back of the paper where my self portrait was drawn.DSC01398

*End of Part 1 of 2. Part 2 contains school plates, computer art Wips (Work in Process) and my organization activity in school.

Thanks for reading!!!

Christmas Thoughts

Image216Christmas is almost here, and I have no budget to buy gifts for my treasured ones lol. Anyways I’m now thinking about Christmas presents that will be great and at the same time using my talent to save money.

What’s your Christmas idea? Smile