What a tiring day!

11-08-10 Tiring day.

Ok I just experienced another boring, tiring, irritating day. I was very hopeful to have a POL 1N (Political Science) subject which I really need. Since I only have 14units, and with a hole of 4 hours during Saturday, I could never find my semester less boring. Well, good thing I DID EVERYTHING I COULD and finally made my wish granted from 8:50am to 2:15pm, FINALLY after 5 long hours (4th day). I’m so fed up waiting. I can’t believe the management was this complicated, most of the people managing this event said that I have no other choice since POL 1n was already full (which was false), others said it doesn’t show in my record that I could take it, maybe because it was too advance for me ,etc. Though I was so disappointed with what they told me, someone even told me "ang kulit kulit mo naman eh, sabi ng wala ng available eh!” in front of other people"  this kind of response made me wanna burst out with anger but I just decided to calm down and didn't lose hope.

Since I know that I can take an advance subject, (I know coz I was able to add 2 subjects last sem), I didn't stop from inquiring even if it meant waiting in line again. And finally, an Adviser/Encoder gave me a note allowing me to take POL1N.

Well, I wish they have at least posted the available subjects and schedule AND MANUALS for more information the result could’ve been better. I’m not the only student who’s been here and done these, in fact many students came out to be diffident so I was lucky enough to have my Mom who guided me well through the phone and some friends who gave me options and advices. I actually handled this for 4 days, so have you ever experienced a 4 day enrollment?

I just want to RANT to remove all the painful moments I encountered for 5 days.  I wish FEU put more approachable and knowledgeable encoders next enrollment.  And tnx to Ate Alma who is always approachable and knows every answer to my question, except she's only assigned to encode for the transferrees.

I did everything, and somehow it’s worth it. They were saying all kinds of negative words, and I’m tired of it! Well waddya look at here, I got what I wanted and NEEDED, so thanks for the guidance from some of the people that were there who actually gave me a helping hand, and of course almost all of the credit goes to my Mom, who is very supportive, thanks! I love you Open-mouthed smile

So now, I have 17 units included are 11 units of complete major subjects.  Hereinafter I’m a person who have a very disappointing schedule because every Tuesday and Friday , both 7:30am to 6:00pm with 3 hours vacant in the morning. I really don't like my current class schedule. Sad smile So I guess I’ll be heading out to the library Nerd smile But during lunchtime I would be like… eating alone Crying face

I got a GWA of 1.17, four flat uno (1.00) but sad to say is that I’m not qualified for an automatic full scholarship because I’m an irregular student, so I’ll just do my best and work harder and hope to be a dean’s lister.


After a hard time, it’s fashion design crime!

Anyways after this, I hurriedly went out and search for a bus heading out to “Fairview”. Yay! Another new adventure! It was my first time riding a bus here in Manila.

It was quite disappointing on how old the bus is, but I was kinda happy and excited because I’m riding it for the first time on my own. It’s an old bus imported from Japan, Flirt female Fangirl mode lol, so I was imagining how mangas or Japanese had ridden this bus during ancient times (or way back, just a figure of speech lol).

Then I arrived to FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) safely! My classmates were  like… Whoa! So social. Most of them were English speaking, they came from LA, I think. Well anyways, I really expect a lot from this class! I want to learn so much, because I want to expand  my creativity with fabrics. I wish to be successful as soon as possible.

After the class, I was troubled how to get back home to our apartment here in Manila at Sta. Mesa, good thing I came back safely LOL! Smile


Here’s an art for the day! Kim Jaejoong!


He never failed to entertain me. XD He’s very clumsy (I think, based on his videos) but he’s still lovable LOL! Not to mention how sweet and strong his voice is.

I know that there were some errors in this drawing, I’ll practice more ^_^ BTW, this was drawn on October 24. Smile


Thanks for reading!


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