My mom’s bday

I really love my mom! XD Though I didn’t have any physical gift to present to her, I did manage to do my best at school, so I guess it’s considered a gift for her. Hehe.

We had a family time together here in Manila, they (My parents and brothers) came from Subic for a double purpose. Since my classes have started this Nov. 3, they went here in Nov. 6 (my mom’s bday) so that my brother and the things we needed can be transported here in Manila. So hence forward this was an opportunity to celebrate here.

Yummy! Kenny Rogers!
Though I forgot how this food was called, because my priority and the
only thing I know was eating! XD But I should really be FIGURE conscious BY now. coz I'm really gaining weight) Haha.



Yummy Pocky! After months of not eating you. >w<DSC00403Testing my photography skills. It turned out nicer than I thought. This was taken at Jollibee, the day after the birthday, we went to Panay Ave. to show me the way to get to FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) for my Fashion Design course
on my own the next day. Lol.



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