My first dish

On Nov. 26, 2010, I had my first experience in cooking!!! It was so fun, and tiring at the same time lol! But at least it tasted good. T.T *Tears of Joy*
My first ever dish is a Korean food [Korean Tofu stew]. My recipe was from Maangchi. She’s very informative and nice. ^_^
Lol! Up here is my “Baunan” or my packed lunch. My first time doing it in college. I’m now a conscious person in money. >.< Hehe, the Toy story spoon and fork is so cute! Open-mouthed smile
Remember, beware of your budget and save Mother Earth at the same time! ^_^

School update

Drawfun “assignment”. Good luck to us students, another assignment is given. But I’m also quite excited finishing this one. XD We will use a craft cartolina brown paper, charcoal, white pastel, and sephia-related pencils.
Thanks for reading!


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