1st semester has finally ended

My first semester here has finally ended. I’m studying at FEU by the way. So many things to do so little time. I also had a bag making 1 class in the FIP: Fashion Institute of the Philippines, it went well but it was so hard because you have to be patient and you should persevere to finish a project, you have to manage time well. It would take you hours to finish one bag, nevertheless you should take care of the quality too.

Here are some pictures (click it to view a larger pic size):

Some of the many plates (projects) I made


Ahh, Landscape… Sad smile It was hard, our Prof said that if we were the original Photographer there would be plus points, but I guess he forgot about that, lmao. Anyways I took the picture from San Miguel in Shaw Boulevard. Smile I want to improve badly.


Guess who this is???? It’s Hermione!!! OTL, I’ll practice and practice more on realism. Open-mouthed smileDSC09862

Ahh! My hands! It really was a hard thing to do, the cutting and all. Anyways, while doing my finals plate, I’m so into DBSK. Their talent is so out of this world! AKTF!!! Too bad I only recently knew about them, sighs** anyways JYJ Fighting!!!DSC09875

I kinda like this design. I RETOUCHED or EDITED IT SEVERAL TIMES ALREADY!!! I was so tired because it was not satisfying and unprofessional like. This is a logo of our business project or whatsoever. My friends said that it was nice, groovy, and some said it was childish and that I should just make a new one. BUT! I’m so tired and just added some glitters, LMAO OTL. :)DSC09920DSC09938

Ahhh!!!!!!!!! My bro’s best friend pictured me. XD I’m not really good at piano, the only song I still know is Canon but there were skips and errors. And the other songs I knew were all erased in my memory otl. BTW, it’s kinda weird, when I was cleaning some things, I saw my autograph book when I was in elementary, and I wrote that my dream would be a great pianist someday. LOL! I guess our young hearts have a road twisted when we eventually would grow to something different.DSC09977

Now that semester ended, I’m here at my hometown, SUBIC, having a nice time, and working out my butt to get some things done. Here’s my working place atm, hahahaha.


Some fashion things

Here’s the graduation show of FIP. It was so professional and breathtaking! I love the show! Too bad I came late and watched from the 3rd floor of SM North, nevertheless the experience was worth it!


The picture above, is the presentation of this year’s winner of the best collection! The designer (in the center) is so lucky!!! He’ll get to travel in Paris as the grand prize!!! Faints*DSC09833


Ok, these are my projects! Yup I made ‘em, next time I’ll be better!!! SmileDSC09811DSC09806

My two other bags aren’t posted here, I’ll picture it sooner, XD


Oh, and this (above) is the fashion show of FEU last October 15. It was quite disappointing because I slept for 30 minutes waiting for it to start, ahh, that was the best nap I’ve ever had. Their preparation was rather poor, it was re-sched from 1pm to 4pm, but it started at about 5:15pm, nevertheless the show was quite good. There were RTW and Houte Coutures that were presented in themes.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!!!


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