Photo practice + Our house + Latest arts

All of these was created on May 28, 2010, I just couldn’t find time to upload it. LOL.

*You can click the picture for higher resolution.

Happy hour 1 587 Happy hour 1 585I love this shot!  And yep the background with the blue truck is our backyard.

Happy hour 1 588

Happy hour 1 589Happy hour 1 624

Happy hour 1 637Happy hour 1 640Happy hour 1 630

I love the sky so much! But I had very hard time drawing clouds. Nevertheless it keeps me inclined and at peace whenever I look at it.

These pictures were taken by my so lovy duvie Sony Cyber-shot with 7.2 Mega pixels. And I’m doing my best in my studies so that it’ll be easier (somehow) to buy an SLR or DSLR. <3 Wish me luck! And thanks for viewing and reading!!!!

And here’s my latest arts:



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