New HP Desktop!

Here comes my new lover!!!

Yes my new SEXY lover! Love at first sight! July 3, 2010!!! I’ve been waiting and wishing for this moment… So good bye my ex-Toshiba Celeron 2004v, it’s been nice working with you for 2(+)years… I’ll never forget how you made wonders with your specs, but I really did have fun with you and managed to create my artworks with your cooperation Wew! Actually I don’t have any regrets at all at least I experienced how it was to have a laptop. ^_^

So here’s my new HP PAVILION S5290D PC, INTEL CORE 2 QUAD DUO Q8400 2GB DDR3, 320GB HDD. *The screen is 20 inch LCD :P* Faints* C-core 2…q-quad.. :D lmao, that’s super fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for me, and for all, <3 ). We bought a separate video graphic card for it.. 1GB. To play games??? Lol!

clip_image001 Lol! I pictured this while the cover was still on. :) Me and my brother had a hard time flipping the monitor up. As you can see on the first part of the drawing in the monitor, you’ll be flipping it up like what you do on a laptop. Too bad HP didn’t give us a free desktop table unlike the last time when my mom bought her own. Yeah! Finally I have a webcam now!clip_image003

Well, ever since classes started, I’ve been busy cleaning the apartment L LOL! Yeah, I was so excited moving my study table and art stuffs from my bedroom to our living room. Yeah no room for visitors... INTENTIONALLY :P hahaha! So our living room is now my art room wahaha! And I’ve been busy installing programs.

I’m so blessed coz my parents are so supportive when it comes to my needs. They probably won’t buy this pc if I didn’t shift to Fine Arts haha. But in return, mom wants to see at least (1) one new artwork from me PER DAY! She really wants me to give my best to this course!

I’m getting ready to self study ADOBE 4. So I really hope to produce better artworks soon!

Btw, with regards to my previous poll (from, I decided to keep the 20k my grandma gave me for my 18th bday, saving it to pay for DSLR when I enroll to photography (still insufficient I know!). I still want intuos 4 (or would wait for the v5) but my bamboo tablet is still good so I’d rather not waste money.


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