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June 29,2010 (Late post)

I’m having another hip and happy day again! <3

In my drawing fundamentals class, I learned that there are many kinds of of method to sharpen your pencils.

Now I know how our prof feels when sharpening his pencils for half a day (sometimes not everyday, lol) when he prepares himself in sketching and drawing. Hehehe.


I admit! Sharpening this kind of pencil is hard, look at the broken lead. (Sayang) It was a waste since I kinda made a mistake. :O

*The cardboard look-alike is a sandpaper, though I don’t know what it’s really called. The employee of the art store I went for materials just recommended me to buy it. So if you’re planning to buy it, try to define it as something related to sandpaper (with a handle or whatsoever you could come up with, lmao)

Come to think of it. Being a fine arts student is really expensive. *Sigh* Coz’ I list my expenses, that’s why I’m so sure of it… *Creates-a-budget-management-schedule-churva* :)


I was doing the letter “D” here to create specific lines in our plate. :)


Before the sharpening mode, I kinda sketched something weird, hehe:


DSC09139 PS: I like doodling eyes, :) 


Then I came home like 5:00 pm, but the official dismissal was really 6:00 pm (since our plate became an assignment, we were dismissed early) It wasn’t really raining hard, so most of the roads was not really over flooded. XD

(Peo nung nakauwi na me sa aparment, biglang lumakas ung ulan, aun, xempre alam nyo naman d2 sa Sampaloc, Manila, madaling bumaha…)

But after a few minutes when I got home, it really hit the road. Boom! Here comes the flood. ~


Beauty After The Rain:

DSC09133(About 6:00pm, after a very hard rain*) Photographed by yours truly! With a simple sony digi cam <3 *Click to get the larger size*

Though I was not really satisfied with this, I think I was late for a minute to get that radiant “reddy” color. *Sigh* I’ll do my best next time. :) I want to be a part time photographer too!


Thanks for reading! Cheers!


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