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You can find more updates here http://eizu.deviantart.com/journal And I’m officially an art student at feu iarfa! :D I’m really happy to where I am right now. I enjoyed being here. ^_^

I’m so into sketching today! XD Well, I’m posting old and new ones! I will surely finish all of these! :D

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image / 2010 (c) meizuffu / by eizuThis is my first priority! I’ll finish it with love!~ I redesigned the clothes. :D And this character belongs to Japookins. Sketch and colors made by me. Edit*: I finished the line art and base colors, it’s currently under construction and soon to be uploaded! Yeay!


imageThis is Naruto, the older and mature type. Hope I finish this soon! Bishie! :D



This is Tsuna (from KHR) girl type. XD I think I’ll put a flame to make it like him. Orz, he doesn’t even have that Tsuna personality. Oh well. I’ll do my best. 


This is Prince! I love his/her action! Well, it’s really a “her”. You should read it! Google or search “1/2 Prince” in onemanga.com . I don’t want to be a spoiler, hehe.


image image

The first pic is Hibari-kun. ~.~. And the second is me in Dying will form. Lol, when you’re shot by that dying will bullet you’ll first think of the thing that you would regret before dying. Mine is to clean my room. Haha XD Watch reborn and you’ll know what I’m talking about. :D


Ooh!!! So cute! I love drawing Sakura (Card Captor Sakura) since like forever.


Thanks for visiting! :D

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