Fighting Pimples: 10 Tips how to prevent acne the natural way

I was just googling about how to remove pimples and the good thing is that many tips and tricks are available for me to learn. And yes, I’m gonna share it with you too! I’m sure that these tips will be helpful for me and to you.
Many people say that products, chemicals, and drugs are not very effective in terms of the consumer’s needs and moreover it makes the acne in serious condition, and some others say that it is only for a short term basis. Well be at peace because there are WAYS to be pimple free the long term and the natural way!
Some of the opinions, tips, and research belongs to E-zine Articles, Pimples on Face, About, Bubz Beauty, and some few belongs to me. I just couldn’t have my own since I’m a newbie and my opinion might not be accepted. So in other words, this article is a compilation of many minds.

10 Ways how to fight pimples:

  1. Supplement yourself with vitamins These vitamins should be taken daily: Zinc, Vitamins A, B and E, echinacea, thyme, and tree tea oil. Vitamin B complex is the most important part of the equation and will have the most immediate effects for clearing up pimples on the face.
  2. Drink enough water  Do drink a full water first thing in the morning to get a nice and fresh feeling. Drinking 8-10 glasses a day is a must. Water keeps the skin moist and hydrated which helps prevent pimples on face. Water also helps keep the digestive system clean which allows the body to flush out the toxins that could be causing acne breakouts.
  3. Eating correctly  I'm sure you already know that fatty and greasy foods will lead to pimple outbreaks and cause zits, and this is true and you should avoid eating these foods as much as possible. But there are also foods that help prevent face pimples. Carbohydrate foods with a low glycemic index is a natural way for healthy skin complexion. These types of foods produce low fluctuations in your blood glucose and insulin levels, and is an often missed health secret. Glycemic’s benefits and info can be found here and its lists of foods.
    Include chromium in your diet…Eat carrots for beta-carotene (Vitamin A) also check out the chakra or energy chart.
  4. Sleep right and shower twice a day Sleeping 8 hours can greatly affect your beauty, lessen stress, and increase good impression. Your body is using this time to restore itself and also helps to fight off bacteria. This is the best supplement I can give you and it really works. Bathing twice a day, at the start of your day and before you sleep, can get rid all of the oils and dirt away and gives you a fresh feeling.
  5. Apply a facial mask every once or twice a week  Honey has antibacterial properties so it is great for disinfecting and healing minor blemishes. It is also gentle on sensitive skin. Learn more about honey!

  6. Keep your hair off your face  If you have long hair or bangs, pull your hair off your face. Your hair contains oils as well, and will contribute to your breakouts. You'll also want to wash your hair everyday and after workouts
  7. Avoid wearing make-up  Leaving makeup products on your skin only contributes to clogging your pores, causing more pimples and blackheads. If you feel you must wear makeup, be sure it is water-based.
  8. Do not pick or squeeze your blackheads and pimples  As tempting as it may be, do not squeeze, scratch, rub or touch your pimples and blackheads. Do any of these actions, actually increases the sebum production. Plus, when you squeeze, you are actually rupturing the membranes below your skin, causing infection and sebum to spread underneath your skin. The result is more pimples.
  9. Wash your pillow case every other day  Your face lays on your pillow case every day. Your pillow case absorbs the oils from your skin and reapplies the dirt and oil. Thus causing breakouts. Keep your sheets and pillow cases clean.
  10. Wash twice a day with acne soap  You should wash your face twice a day with a sulfur based soap designed for acne. Once when you first wake up in the morning and then, right before you go to bed at night. Be extremely gentle to your skin when washing - do not scrub or use any sort of rough cloth. Overwashing your skin will actually stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, thus increasing your acne.
    Notes: It is a good thing for people to learn more and research the benefits of second supplements like vitamins because it has an effect that is very useful for the body and for the health of the skin. I recommend myself to buy a vitamin book or just borrow from my Mom for a good guidance in fitness and health.


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