Pundakit Resort, San Antonio!


Woohoo! Yesterday, we had a really great summer beach party experience with my family and the whole Bautista Family. It was a really fun and memorable day! Not to mention the pain of sunburn of being out for the whole day. XD

There were lots of foods and… foods again! So for me it was really fun. Lmao, I’m getting fat, need to exercise. O:

*Ang itim itim ko nah, hehe. Nakabilad ba naman sa araw!* My dream is to have a white perfect skin, now it’s all broken, need to use an umbrella and apply sunscreen lotion every time I go out. :))


I kind of like how my 2 younger bros. have in common! PS. I have 3 younger bros. and I’m the eldest. :3


My cousins. In our family, most have only one daughter each. We (me, and my female couz) are lucky enough to have been the princess in the family. :D


Here I am again, being vain, taking photos of myself (lol, i’ve been taking pictures but no one took mine, lmao, of corz, they’re hands were wet ;D ) BTW, I’m wearing my highschool CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training / kinda like a military training) shirt, XD I was G1-P, the CAT’s secretary. O..O , it was really unforgetable *sighhighschooldreamingexperiencecoughagaincough*


My cousin, the one wearing the black shirt. I love his expression :))


My cousins making a monument or statue made of sand. j/k :))


Me and daddy! :))

DSC08317 DSC08312 DSC08351

It’s my first time to capture this kind of landscape, and I’m happy for it. I might be a photographer prodigy. *Muhhaha* *evillaugh*

I actually pictured so many images, but I’m just publishing a few for personal reasons. If you are curious and want to know the rest, kindly add me on facebook, everything is uploaded there. ^_^

For now, just look at me, lol :D

beach! 040410 beach! 0404101

Among the pics above, these are just my favorites!

DSC08303 DSC08307 DSC08320 DSC08321DSC08326 DSC08344 DSC08366

Hahaha! LOL! Even though I’m fat in this pic (above) I still love it! It was the time I discovered how to picture a jumping effect (true jumping effect)! With the help of my brother Michael of course! :)) I know I learned it late, but at least “now I know”! hahaha :))

Here are some of my recent artworks


Take a sneak! Here’s my new deviation. Hopefully I would finish it today though. :D


And here are some pictures/ drawings I haven’t shared yet…

Please click them to full view :

fan meme img004

And here’s more scrapworks :D

Primary Untitled-14 copy

Untitled-2022810 ADV HOT SUMMER png 022810 ADV HOT SUMMER

032710 wip



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