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Windows Live Writer is a +

I’ve been using WLW (Windows Live Writer) for quite a while now, and it’s really effective and easy to jive with! It has lots of free features and plug-ins. And you should download it right away!

The benefits is that you actually publish what you edited from WLW right to your wordpress, blogspot, and vice versa.


You can also find other features of blogging program at Specky Boy’s lists. Google it ^^

Manga Maniac

Hello :D!!!

Anyways, this post will be updated mainly for my manga desserts! :D

Manga List

Already read the ff. with reviews:

Will read more:

  1. Adarshan_no_Hanayome (sounds interesting)
  2. Rave (i also watched this so many times in tv, i want to read what i have missed)
  3. Love Celeb
  4. Romeo x Juliet (i watched all of the series though XD ) 5) My Girl (korean manwha)


  1. Saiyuki (though i watched the series so many times. i just love sanzo! :D so i'll read it!)

Finished reading:

  1. Fly High by Oouchi Natsumi -> absolutely a 5 star!!! Tachibana Meru fighting!
  2. Boyfriend by Yamada Daisy -> Simple yet.. O.O very interesting ------(just finished 1&2 reading in 1-2days. O: )

Not updated OL manga to read:

  1. Billion Princess
  2. 1/2 Prince!!! Kyu~ (Stopped @ link)

Stopped reading...:

  1. Highschool of the dead
  2. D Gray Man


All right it’s my first time I got addicted reading online mangas. :P I still buy manga books, that are like Php 75 (on sale at random,) but since they usually have incomplete series they kind of make me desire to read for more and buy the next issue which usually isn’t available in our country (and it’s so disappointing).


Will be updated and edited very frequently :D

Pundakit Resort, San Antonio!


Woohoo! Yesterday, we had a really great summer beach party experience with my family and the whole Bautista Family. It was a really fun and memorable day! Not to mention the pain of sunburn of being out for the whole day. XD

There were lots of foods and… foods again! So for me it was really fun. Lmao, I’m getting fat, need to exercise. O:

*Ang itim itim ko nah, hehe. Nakabilad ba naman sa araw!* My dream is to have a white perfect skin, now it’s all broken, need to use an umbrella and apply sunscreen lotion every time I go out. :))


I kind of like how my 2 younger bros. have in common! PS. I have 3 younger bros. and I’m the eldest. :3


My cousins. In our family, most have only one daughter each. We (me, and my female couz) are lucky enough to have been the princess in the family. :D


Here I am again, being vain, taking photos of myself (lol, i’ve been taking pictures but no one took mine, lmao, of corz, they’re hands were wet ;D ) BTW, I’m wearing my highschool CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training / kinda like a military training) shirt, XD I was G1-P, the CAT’s secretary. O..O , it was really unforgetable *sighhighschooldreamingexperiencecoughagaincough*


My cousin, the one wearing the black shirt. I love his expression :))


My cousins making a monument or statue made of sand. j/k :))


Me and daddy! :))

DSC08317 DSC08312 DSC08351

It’s my first time to capture this kind of landscape, and I’m happy for it. I might be a photographer prodigy. *Muhhaha* *evillaugh*

I actually pictured so many images, but I’m just publishing a few for personal reasons. If you are curious and want to know the rest, kindly add me on facebook, everything is uploaded there. ^_^

For now, just look at me, lol :D

beach! 040410 beach! 0404101

Among the pics above, these are just my favorites!

DSC08303 DSC08307 DSC08320 DSC08321DSC08326 DSC08344 DSC08366

Hahaha! LOL! Even though I’m fat in this pic (above) I still love it! It was the time I discovered how to picture a jumping effect (true jumping effect)! With the help of my brother Michael of course! :)) I know I learned it late, but at least “now I know”! hahaha :))

Here are some of my recent artworks


Take a sneak! Here’s my new deviation. Hopefully I would finish it today though. :D


And here are some pictures/ drawings I haven’t shared yet…

Please click them to full view :

fan meme img004

And here’s more scrapworks :D

Primary Untitled-14 copy

Untitled-2022810 ADV HOT SUMMER png 022810 ADV HOT SUMMER

032710 wip


Diana @ 18


Many things had happened, and memorable imagery unfolded miraculously... that made December 22-23, 2009 the best prime-time night I've ever had!!! At the start of my debut, I delivered a speech to my guests which was quite a cram but I did my best out of it, lol... This is a really late post, which is after four months or so, well one of the reasons is because of school, and the other one is the unavailability of internet connection…



A pleasant evening to each and everyone. It's been a night of endeavors, contentment, and yet another new circle of memories. I'm ever more glee to have all of you right here at my very special night filled with hilarious, thoughtful preparations and programs. This exclusive night would not be possible if it weren't for my loving parents Joseph and Elizabeth Santos, whose special event that dated the same day of my birth, their Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary. My words of thanks couldn't mean so deep by words for being here at this very occasional night with everyone that made me who I am, what I am, and why I am here in front of you. As I turn 18, I will finally embark a new journey, it might not be that of a change from my last venture, but this time it will be filled with more extraordinary, contagious, and more surprising than before. Dad, Mom, to my family and friends good evening and let's start the party we've been waiting for!

So yeah, the speech was kinda corny and all :D Anyways I did it on my own and am proud of it. Speaking about it, my mom mentioned that one of my relatives appreciated it, haha. It made me laugh and happy at the same time…


Diana B. Santos’ priceless debut celebration is not only about the food and the programs, it’s about the LOVE everyone expected to have shared…and thank God it really did… :)))

Appreciations : My loving thanks!

DSC_0099Firstly is to my loving parents. If it weren't for them NONE of this magical night would have ever existed in my life. They are the ones that molded the person in me, the one that revealed all of my talents and gifts. Without their financial and emotional support, I wouldn’t have explored the world I was destined to travel. Thank you for letting me go to where I want, for having what I need, for trusting me truthfully with all your hearts, and enjoying of what is best! I love you, and will always will be…

To my relatives who came and even made adjustments from tight schedules and some was able to attend from long distance places. I really love being surrounded by family relatives because I know that they are always approachable in neither without terms of time, place, nor how! Ever since I was a little girl, I’m easily adoptable in their environment. What I’m saying is that wherever they are I can still feel that we have the same place it was before.


To my MANILA close friends and classmates who sacrificed their time in order to have permits of acceptance from their parents just so they could attend. So sweet! Also to those who followed up, who did not joined the free trip from Manila to Subic, especially Shirley, lol we never imagined to be as brave as you that has the instinct of direction especially to a place she had never been to. She actually made all the right decisions and made it “exactly” at our house. To Patricia, who was actually escorted by her dad in order to go to my debut safely and approved, thank you [also i was shocked to see your beautifully wrapped gift, so cute!!!] To Erik, who also followed up, I’m so happy you did too. Thank you so much!!! :D To Fatima, who also came with her parents, thank you! Mwah! I adore her camera, she really did a great job capturing the right opportunities in terms of smile and attractive lights to effect the overall cause of the pic. To Mira for being able to attend my memorable bday, she had a hard time and couldn’t just decide because her parents restricts her to go far other else than Manila, specifically about 2-4 hours of distance. And I’m happy she could attend, she must’ve created some magic to receive a “Yes, you can also attend her b-day” haha! Love you! To my best group of friends I had never had before: girlfriends and boyfriends, thank you very much for coming! I also want to thank those people who were not able to come because of opposing events and weren’t approved by their parents, because they greeted me wholeheartedly and it was really not their fault, it was because of ill-weathered decisions. Thank you ^_^ Patricia, Erik, Danica, Van, JC, Mira, Bayug, Shirley, Fatima, Kensen, Ali, Je, Kenneth, Bryan, Jayson, Harren, Bam, SJ, Ton-ton :D

DSC_0128 DSC_0110

DSC_0154 DSC_0161

To my HIGHSCHOOL classmates and batch mates! I really appreciate you guys coming, though it was not a good news for those who were not able to come, that night was really a great reunion, I really missed you guys! Thank you for coming! Anime desu zutto!!! Jaycel, Gelay, Camz, Ace, JC, Mel, Charm, Hazel, Desi, Matthew, Eric, Errol, Aiko, Fat, Rey, Janna, Jestin… :D


To my BESTFRIENDS: Satsuki & Kenneth! You two had the best part of the program that was ever offered and you guys deserved it! I’m so happy that you two also enjoyed the program. You two really are the best friends that I had ever had, the ones that never left me alone, the ones who understand me the most amongst friends of friends. Thank you for not letting our friendship go and still letting it grow! Hehe…

To our HEAVENLY FATHER, without him, without his every blessing, I would have never knew how I could live my life filled with thoughtful friends, loving family, and a healthy life. Through HIS teachings, values, virtues, and passion I was able to embrace my life to the fullest with positive overviews and doing good deeds that lead my personality a more clarified success, I also would like to include in this section my mommy Elizabeth because whenever I’m down she will tell me that God can save you, pray and pray, because he really listens…

Facebook links

For my friends in facebook, here's a compilation of related links that completed the Diana Bautista Santos in me...

Debut faqs and info (e-invitation a-like) : [ link ]

B-day poem about me [ link ] (also used in the invitation)

Album links:

…Will update as soon as possible

More Pictures!

DSC_0092 DSC_0093

Me and my mommy Elizabeth

DSC_0088 DSC_0091

Me before the debut program, the roses were… unforgettable :D





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