Long Long Break and Story

Guys! It's been a while since i stopped blogging, :(
But now I will try,.. no, I will do my best to blog very frequent!!!
And thank you to you guys who kept on visiting my blog.

So here's what's been going on...

From left to right: Me in my friend's debut, me with my friend in a hawaiian like costume for our college week parade, (up) is a picture of the sweet pizza of my best friend's birthday, (down) lolz picture of glue drops or-whatever-you-call-it etc,.

And the art feature...

Of which was a birthday gift to my best pal :D

Lol, I had fun having a photoshoot before the party at our house, thanks to my Mom the photographer! Hehe, and yup that's our LCD tv and christmas tree! :D

Haha, look at me in vain

Pics during the debut party..

Lol! And here's me!!! Haha, it really gave me chill in what to wear coz I don't really have any dress!!! Haha, can you even believe that?! Good thing mom has new ones :D Thank you mom! ;D

And here's our picture during the college week parade, our theme was Lilo and Stitch
Hahaha, lol I think that we really belong to,.. like from other country or tourist during that parade. I'm the one with the pink & yellow flower floral-like necklace or whatever :D

Hehe, picture picture during the parade, every stopover a new picture is born! A bit funny but anyways captures memories :D

Ahaha, and here's a little something... It looks so cute!!! Anyways I did it by dropping glue from about 5 inches high and it will turn into something squishy circle. I shoot this while it was still anew/fresh, haha, then it melted after it was dried, :D

My best pal's bday at shakeys :D

And here's a little something on how I did the artwork for my best pal ;D

And here's some of my style for my upcoming debut. :D


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