eizu.deviantart.com...2nd yr anniversary

Well, I'm so happy for the outcome of my artworks. My achievements?
ehehehe... having 20k and counting unique visitors in my deviantart page and maybe having my RRO's (Rebirth Ragnarok Online) characters drawn. I'm quite proud of my lord knight art, it is one of the loading screens of RRO since June 2009, here it is....

Oh and I finally published my FIRST POEM and here it is..........

Someday We Will Be Please click the link to see my story

I guess publishing my main website is one of my greatest achievements this year. I know I have some grammatical errors there which I don't want to edit anymore because I just can't T_T. Here's the link...

I decided to stop my violin lessons and continue on vacation time only, coz schooling is so tough and it is more important that I pass all of my subjects. Studying here at UST is so stressful. When I was in first year college, we have 23 sections. Many got kicked out, now we only have 17 sections in BS Accountancy, plus 4 sections taking up Managerial Accounting which has no licensure exam but it is said they have advantage because it is in demand in foreign countries... And if I fail in my accounting subject, I'll be kicked too T__T, I only have one chance. I can retake it but can't go back to BS Accountancy, I have to shift to Managerial Accounting or any other course. But I won't let that happen, of course! Fighting!!! :D


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