My Inspiration is back!!!

Hehehehe, but i really dunno about my inspiration lasting for a very long time, maybe a week or so.
I'll just be productive as I can, I've been so dead in my deviantart account without a single NEW artwork.
So here's just a few of my Works-In-Progress (WIP)...
Hopefully I would finish it and break this art block! (Art Block is another term for unable to create art due to lack of inspiration and determination, oh and also including a personality of being lazy/for me, :D )


Hehehe, Piracy for the rights and justice for the government reform! :D Hope to finish this soon :D

I was once inspired, but it didn't last, this one ended so bad i wasn't able to finish it. But i'll try. :D

Inspired by asian hunks that makes me so happy =w=

Hahaha, I never touched this one after posting it as a wip, hope to finish it very soon!!!! :D Inspired by both Nodame Cantabile and my violin lessons :D


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