Art block

Created on July 4, 09

“While I was trying to fight art block, I was amazed to know recently that I have finished a full sketch book with sketches. Maybe I should not call it an art block but perhaps, art cramming.. lol. I have so much art works in my mind and don’t even know which one to finish first. I have so much stories in mind for my upcoming manga, sweet scent. I was busy trying to finish my websites (blog and main)… argg.. trying to make the codes work correctly is annoying. My comment page on isn’t working still T_T.

I have to learn how to manage my art time … professionally ... eherm.. hoping.. AJA!!!

Whenever I imagine an artwork, I really have to write it down. So even if I was working on something else, I still have to sketch what I had in mind to keep my focus. I was busy trying to be good on other art mediums, like water colour, colour pencil, paint… wow I really feel good now.

And thanks to my new home here in Manila. I was having so much time for myself compared to last year when I was living at a catholic ladies dorm, where I have room mates. Well, the advantage of living there was I met new friends. But I love living with just my bro and my male cousin in our 3-BR apartment (rented). Doing house chores is fine with me now hehe…. got used to it. I love that I still have the time to draw now even if I have school works, compared to last year that I can only draw during vacation/holidays.

And I am glad that my bro is here now, we go home together. Hehe he is so patient, he waits for me everyday … Tuesdays and Thursdays might be tiring for him coz he has to wait or come back for me, his last class ends 1 ½ hour earlier than mine. I’m also glad that he finally joined the DA community after months of convincing him . Oh well, he loves drawing monsters hehe, so don’t be surprised in case new monsters are created, that might be my bro’s contribution to the world haha.


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